Conscious Entertainment with Soundscape and Energetic Activations

Enjoy an invigorating multidimensional sound scape!

Are you ready for an evening of heart-expanding dancing, sound weaving and soul illumination? You are invited to join a spectacular, multidimensional fusion of light, sound, dancing and soul frequencies to lead the way to the creation of your new self!

Spiritainment brings both spirituality and entertainment together. This unique experience involves a dynamic mixture of dance, movements and invigorating multidimensional soundscapes and meditations co-created by a DJ, live musicians and conscious facilitators. Spiritainment is a social experience for anyone who yearns for dancing to multidimensional, activating and inspiring music.
Most would agree that dance is a beautiful way to cultivate community, connect with pure joy and celebrate life and freedom. Spiritainment adds consciousness-expanding meditations and group energy work to this unique dance experience. A sacred space is created for a conscious group of people who love to express themselves in a healthy and safe setting.

Participants hold space for each other as everyone expresses powerful and unconditional self-love and deepens their connection with their higher self through ecstatic movements of dance or simply being in a meditative state. This beautiful setting induces a state of wholeness, peace, balance and harmony and ultimate feeling of pure oneness with everyone and the universe.

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"The journey is the reward, and sometimes we need detours to find our destination."
~Yves Nager

Join us for an evening that includes the following:

This event has been held many times at different places around the world with the collaboration of local artists, live musicians and everyone else who loves to contribute their most passionate gifts and talents. Join us for a truly transformational and multidimensional experience!
  • Opening & closing circle with intention setting, prayer & energy transmissions
  • Progressive Psytrance & Ambient set by DJ Solar Dragon
  • Guided meditation & language of light activation by Eunjung Choi
  • Group healing energy transmission by Yves Nager
  • Sound healing by local live musicians
  • Drum circle by participants
  • Art & sounds of the pineal tones video projection created by Deb DeLisi (www.delisiart.com)

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Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Barry Raphael – Denver, CO (USA)

“Big thank you to Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager (DJ Solar Dragon) for presenting the Denver premiere of Discover the Gift. Everyone connected to it, appreciating by the applause and many teary eyes. Also the discussion after, followed by the meditation and music(…)