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Multidimensional Living

Awaken Your Unique Gifts You Brought Into This Life

Reawaken Your Soul to Original Source Love and Light

This weekend workshop offers you the opportunity to expand your mastery and awaken the unique gifts you specifically brought into this life to open your gateway to living multidimensionally in the Aquarian age of freedom.

In this workshop, you will focus on being present at a deep cellular level, where your soul will be able to reawaken the original love and light source that is encoded deep within every cell. This awakening then prompts the cells to merge with the crystalline DNA, releasing the qualities, abilities and powers of the divine.
Up until now, about 90% of our lives has been run by the unconscious memories held within the cells. Some of the transmissions during this course will be directed at transforming any unnecessary ancestral information back into their original encoding.
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"In order to live a life of purpose and manifest our heart’s desires, we are all asked to do our inner work instead of hoping that others will fix our problems for us."
~Yves Nager

In this workshop you receive the following benefits and more:

As these transformed energies proceed to raise the light quotient within your cells, the mental and feeling natures will start moving into alignment with the ascension spiral designed to give you greater access to the divine wisdom of your god presence.

As you increase your resonance to match that of your presence, your own inner male and female will naturally start remembering their capacities to think, feel and live in a unified, whole-minded state of oneness.
  • Establish practices for being totally present rather than living in the confinement of any pre-determined patterns.
  • Enhance and deepen your intuitive abilities towards a multidimensional way of living.
  • Develop a foundation for loving without judgment.
  • Create equality and support for each other’s highest calling.
  • Live from a centered base of being and establish a foundation of freedom.​
  • Know what it looks like to think, feel and be motivated by an unlimited self.
  • Create quantum, unlimited foundations for living multidimensionally in the new earth.
  • Make choices from the mind of the heart rather than the conditional mind.
  • Clear the memories within the cells to assist in reactivating your crystalline DNA.
  • Focus in the still point and live in the neutrality of the quantum field where stress cannot live.
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Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Barry Raphael – Denver, CO (USA)

“Big thank you to Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager (DJ Solar Dragon) for presenting the Denver premiere of Discover the Gift. Everyone connected to it, appreciating by the applause and many teary eyes. Also the discussion after, followed by the meditation and music(…)

Leti C. Stiles – Irvine, CA (USA)

“A very powerful day. I was in bliss sharing the beautiful energy that was weaved by our collective hearts. Thank you Yves for sharing your healing journey and the gift of Ilahinoor. Eunjung you are a beautiful channel that brings in such powerful and clear(…)

Roxanna Yadollahi – Vienna, Austria

“What an amazing beautiful workshop with Eunjung & Yves and the lovely participants! I learned so helpful and touching tools, guided by dolphins and whales, spirits, gods and goddesses, ancient Egypt, Hawaiian and Amazon Shamans wisdom. I experienced, practiced(…)

Michael Fox – Morrison, CO (USA)

“It is as if our lives have been never touching except in spirit until now. The love, warmth and nurturing intimacy that both of you created tonight was brilliant. It is beyond that of any physical nature, existing in the soft glow of the here and now of(…)