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Ilahinoor - The Essence of Healing

Energetic Solutions to Balance and Heal Body, Mind and Spirit

Learn the ancient healing technique of Ilahinoor!

During this 3-day course, you will get certified to practice and facilitate a simple but powerful and effective ancient energy healing technique called Ilahinoor to balance and heal body, mind and spirit.

This energy work serves as an excellent energetic solution for anyone to establish genuine heart connections with others and themselves. Ilahinoor is utilized to facilitate healing, awakening and deep relaxation while merging with the higher self and gaining access to a deeper understanding of brain physiology and soul psychology.

Ilahinoor builds a link between the subconscious and conscious minds so that manifestation can occur more effectively. This process enables deep inner joy, balance and peace. Ilahinoor is a simple, yet profound technique for healing, well-being and transformation.

"Tapping into the voice of the divine is really about listening to your own heart and having the courage to follow it."
~Yves Nager

Benefits of the Ilahinoor Work

Benefits of Ilahinoor for everyone:

  • Release of old programming, beliefs and patterns that do not serve you
  • Feeling of oneness and connectedness with the universe and others
  • Balancing and vitalizing the physical, emotional and mental bodies
  • Amplified manifestation of intentions, goals and visions
  • Strengthening of intuition and energetic awareness
  • Deep relaxation through release of tension and stress
  • Imprinting new positive beliefs and intentions

Benefits of Ilahinoor for people who facilitate it:

  • Create an environment that promotes heart-opening, connection and receptivity
  • Help yourself and others facilitate healing, awakening and relaxation
  • Experience deep connection with yourself and others in your life
  • Achieve mastery in non-verbal communication
  • Strengthen your intuition and energetic awareness
  • Bring yourself and the people you work with to a tension-free state and expansion
  • Create a ritual that takes only 20 minutes to achieve positive results

"By going deep into your heart, you connect with your soul and communicate with the gentle but powerful voice of the divine."
~Yves Nager

Background and the Spiritual Science Behind Ilahinoor

The science of the brain says that with all our senses, we receive 11 million impressions in only 1 second. On a conscious level, our brain is only able to process 40 impressions out of it. All the rest goes to our subconscious.
Based on old programs, beliefs and experiences, we filter, analyze, compare and store the new information. This process then creates what we all individually perceive as our truth or reality. Ilahinoor assists us in bringing the subconscious memories into our new awareness for a shift and transformation within.

With Ilahinoor, we can bridge the superconscious and subconscious aspects of our being through our hearts. Various ancient traditions, shamans and wisdom keepers tell us that the middle self cannot directly access the higher planes of existence and that healing miracles always happen in the “now” moment.

When there is a bridging of these three aspects of the self (middle self, super- and subconscious) and when we develop a loving relationship with our subconscious mind, we can manifest much faster and easier.
The human brain is made up of three sub-brains: the reptilian brain, the limbic brain and the neocortex. Each of these sub-brains is like a unit that is complete within itself while also remaining a part of a larger structure. Together they serve the prefrontal area (of the neocortex), which is the system’s integrator of our biological supercomputer.
When one of these three sub-brains is traumatized, its programs override the agenda of the higher brain. However, when the prefrontal cortex oversees the holarchy of the three sub-brains, we experience how we are interwoven with and are inseparable from the rest of the universe. Then we lose our sense of separateness and our identity merges with everything around us.

Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Steve Lanzo – Maui, HI (USA)

“Thank you the opportunity to learn and translate this very important and very good system of Ilhainoor. I am very grateful because I learned many things. When I first heard the word Ilahinoor I was wondering what does it mean and I consulted a dictionary and(…)

Toru Ida – Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you the opportunity to learn and translate this very important and very good system of Ilhainoor. I am very grateful because I learned many things. When I first heard the word Ilahinoor I was wondering what does it mean and I consulted a dictionary and(…)

Leti C. Stiles – Irvine, CA (USA)

“A very powerful day. I was in bliss sharing the beautiful energy that was weaved by our collective hearts. Thank you Yves for sharing your healing journey and the gift of Ilahinoor. Eunjung you are a beautiful channel that brings in such powerful and clear(…)

Roxanna Yadollahi – Vienna, Austria

“What an amazing beautiful workshop with Eunjung & Yves and the lovely participants! I learned so helpful and touching tools, guided by dolphins and whales, spirits, gods and goddesses, ancient Egypt, Hawaiian and Amazon Shamans wisdom. I experienced, practiced(…)

Jens-Simon Ulvøy – Tokyo, Japan

“For me the value of this workshop is a 10 out of 10. Because I feel what I do – the Ilahinoor, for myself and on myself – makes me feel very grounded. I am extraordinary secure. Throughout this workshop I increased my confidence to a really high extent. I(…)

Kaori Ihara Ulvoy – Tokyo, Japan

“It was beyond my imagination. I learned more than 10, it’s like a 100. I wanted to learn 10, but it was beyond. I received so much healing energy and had a deep relaxation doing the Ilahinoor. I felt love, blessing, and awakening. It is still working, I feel(…)

Michael Fox – Morrison, CO (USA)

“It is as if our lives have been never touching except in spirit until now. The love, warmth and nurturing intimacy that both of you created tonight was brilliant. It is beyond that of any physical nature, existing in the soft glow of the here and now of(…)

Diego Herrera Medina – Quito, Ecuador 2

“I thank you from my heart for the beautiful time and dedication that you put into those beautiful days during the soul and heart adventure on Kaua’i. The experience has been wonderful. Maybe one day we can talk about everything that I felt, everything I could(…)