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Healing with Animals

How to Communicate with Your Companion Animals

Enhance Your Telepathic Connections with Animals!

During this 1-day workshop, you will learn effective tools for opening a channel with animals to receive what they communicate through visual images, thoughts, words, feelings, sounds, emotions or sensations.

Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when you are with your beloved animal friends. You will also learn how to clear and heal emotional, mental or physical blockages. Clear, center and connect, and you will shed misconceptions that inhibit communion with animals. Learn how to connect with animals from the master teachers—the animals themselves.
Release the blocks preventing your connection with the animals and explore new levels of multidimensional communion and communication. Enjoy guided meditations and energetic exercises that will assist you to calm your mind, open your heart and tune into animals’ perspectives. Remember how you have already communicated telepathically and how to expand such experiences.
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"In any relationship, it’s important to give before asking to receive."
~Yves Nager

This workshop includes the following and more:

Telepathic reception is a connection through both the mind (thoughts) and the heart (feelings). Animal communication occurs when we clear our mind of thoughts and other concerns to create a space for the animals to be heard. We then encourage them to share whatever they wish to make known to us. Such a connection with animals requires that we recognize their spiritual essence and equality. When we open ourselves to this telepathic and energetic connection, animals are indeed able to communicate with us.

Yves Nager will share how animals have always played a very important part in his growth and expansion. Over many years, his receptivity grew and he gained even more clarity in receiving what animals sense, feel and think.

Animals often mirror and reflect emotional distress and mental blockages experienced by their human companions. They display illness as a result of this distress or blockages they take on. Yves will share simple and yet very effective and powerful tools for working energetically with animals to help them heal.
Eunjung Choi will also support you through guided meditations and her language of light to travel into realms that are often invisible and unnoticed until we open our awareness. Explore your spiritual oneness with all the kingdoms of nature—with animals, plants, minerals, the elements and the earth itself.
Cherish the magical qualities of all creations, from the land, the forest and the ocean. Intensify your awareness of the intelligence, beauty and wisdom of all species, and flow into a state of oneness with the animals and a deep-felt understanding for all of life.

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Praise & Appreciation

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Barbara Bianchi – Zurich, Switzerland

“I was asked to help Bella because I have a very good relationship with dogs and work energetically. Bella’s life hung on a thread. She did not eat anymore and could hardly move, her whole system had collapsed. The situation at the owner family were very(…)