Workshops and Retreats To Deepen You Into Your Passion and Purpose

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Yves Nager - A Purposeful Guide to Explore The Passion of Your Being

Transformational Workshop Conductor and Energetic Healer

Yves Nager - A Purposeful Guide to Explore The Passion of Your Being. Yves’s mission in life is to be a purpose-driven guide offering his healing gifts in service to others, helping them reconnect with their deepest passions and true happiness. His vast amount of training and experience allows him to achieve his mission as a soul-guide who facilitates clients returning to their own purpose and gaining a deeper connection to life.

A retreat is a time to stop, relax, rest and reconnect with what really matters. Here, you can receive new inspiration, empowering beliefs and life force, all of which can then be carried forth to the next step of the journey called life. Transformational workshops create a container for you to return to your heart-center, look within, address and heal any wounds and regain your balance, centeredness and wholeness.

Many people work through their entire lives, and the last thing they think about is a retreat, healing workshop or dropping into deeper communion with their soul. However, no one can go at full speed all the time. That kind of life will eventually cause you to burn out and will negatively impact your health at multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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Retreats for Healing and Transformation

Living a Purposeful Life

Are you ready to renew your commitment to your dreams and fully live a truly meaningful and purposeful life? During this transformational workshop, we will fully embrace the basic but vital reality that we are each given a unique and precious gift—our soul’s purpose—that is always seeking to express throughout our lives. During this immersive workshop experience you will be presented with effective strategies and techniques along with the knowledge of how to turn them into personal practices and rituals to begin living your life on purpose. Click the button below to learn more.

Ilahinoor – Essence of Healing

Ilahinoor, or “divine light”, is a powerful new healing system that has been developing in recent years. Ilahinoor is a simple and profound technique for healing, transformation and merging with the higher self, enabling deep inner joy, balance and peace. This workshop experience can improve the link between the conscious and subconscious minds to allow you to manifest with greater ease and fulfillment. Click below to learn more.

Hawaiian Rebirth

Yves Nager and his beloved Eunjung Choi offer Lemurian Heartlight transmissions based on soul awakening messages and magical healing energies they have received through their powerful journeys through the Hawaiian Islands. If you feel any connection to the powerful creational energies of Hawaii and have a desire to navigate your life with greater clarity, centeredness and love, then this workshop experience is for you. Use the button below to learn more.

Healing With Animals

Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when you are with your beloved animal friends. In turn, you will also learn to clear and heal many emotional, mental or physical blockages. In order to empathetically connect with animals, it is important to recognize their pure spiritual essence, vulnerability and equality. Animals are indeed able to communicate with us when we open ourselves to the telepathic and energetic connection that they offer. Learn about how to connect with animals from the master teachers themselves: the animals.

Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Jens-Simon Ulvøy - Tokyo, Japan
Jens-Simon Ulvøy – Tokyo, Japan

“For me the value of this workshop is a 10 out of 10. Because I feel what I do – the Ilahinoor, for myself and on myself – makes me feel very grounded. I am extraordinary secure. Throughout this workshop I increased my confidence to a really high extent. I(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Roxanna Yadollahi - Vienna, Austria
Roxanna Yadollahi – Vienna, Austria

“What an amazing beautiful workshop with Eunjung & Yves and the lovely participants! I learned so helpful and touching tools, guided by dolphins and whales, spirits, gods and goddesses, ancient Egypt, Hawaiian and Amazon Shamans wisdom. I experienced, practiced(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Kaori Ihara Ulvoy - Tokyo, Japan
Kaori Ihara Ulvoy – Tokyo, Japan

“It was beyond my imagination. I learned more than 10, it’s like a 100. I wanted to learn 10, but it was beyond. I received so much healing energy and had a deep relaxation doing the Ilahinoor. I felt love, blessing, and awakening. It is still working, I feel(…)

Divine Wisdom and Expanding Consciousness

Consciously Co-Creating

The key to unlocking the greatest potential in your life is the ability and willingness to see an alternative to what is and realizing that the power lies within you. You are never stuck in one version of reality. The truth is that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities. During this workshop, you will learn how to tap into the universal keys within to zoom into the desired version of your reality. You will learn effective steps and powerful energetic exercises for how to create your life in a conscious and playful way and in heart-based co-creation with others.

Multidimensional Living

This workshop will enable you to focus on embodying your presence on such a deep cellular level that your soul will be able to reawaken the original love and light source that is encoded deep within every cell. As these transformed energies proceed to raise the light quotient within your cells, the mental and feeling natures will start moving into alignment with an ascension spiral designed to give you greater access to the divine wisdom of your god presence.

New Earth Matrix

Learn how you can co-create with the magical realm of the elemental kingdom, which is an important part of nature. You will learn how to create using your magical power of imagination to connect to the realms of angels, faeries and natural elements. Reconnect with nature to remember the original state of wholeness. Effortlessly use the power of your imagination through a connection with the spiritual realms to activate spiritual magic in your daily life.


You are invited to join a spectacular, multidimensional fusion of light, sound, dancing and your soul frequencies to lead the way to creating your new self. Spiritainment brings both spirituality and entertainment together in a dynamic and unique mixture of dance, movement and invigorating multidimensional soundscape meditations co-created by DJ Solar Dragon (Yves Nager) and Eunjung Choi. Join us for a truly transformational and multidimensional experience.

More Praise and Appreciation

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Michael Fox - Morrison, CO (USA)
Michael Fox – Morrison, CO (USA)

“It is as if our lives have been never touching except in spirit until now. The love, warmth and nurturing intimacy that both of you created tonight was brilliant. It is beyond that of any physical nature, existing in the soft glow of the here and now of(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Leti C Stiles - Irvine, CA (USA)
Leti C. Stiles – Irvine, CA (USA)

“A very powerful day. I was in bliss sharing the beautiful energy that was weaved by our collective hearts. Thank you Yves for sharing your healing journey and the gift of Ilahinoor. Eunjung you are a beautiful channel that brings in such powerful and clear(…)

Testimonial from Steve Lanzo for Yves's New Book
Steve Lanzo – Maui, HI (USA)

“Thank you for bring in the light, masters and all spirits etc., wow! Truly a world class presentation. A great future awaits you both. The energy was so high most people were knocked out. I felt everything. There was so much there to take in. I hope you settle(…)