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Sacred Journeys

Magical and Transformative Soul-Heart Experiences

Let Yves and Eunjung create the most memorable experience of your life.

In 2011, destiny brought Yves Nager and Eunjung Choi together on their life path. Since then, they have travelled to over 35 countries visiting powerful, energetic and sacred sites around the world, including Egypt, Greece, France, Hawaii, Malta, Ecuador, Cyprus, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and India.

When they visit these sacred sites, they meditate, offer prayers and hold ceremonies for healing and releasing old energies and receiving new visions and messages for themselves and their groups. Together they activate, anchor and spread high frequencies of light from the cosmos and the earth for the purpose of uplifting collective consciousness to love, unity, harmony and peace.
Throughout their global sacred adventures, they’ve had very profound and magical experiences and have received empowering messages and insights from wisdom keepers of sacred traditions, masters of invisible realms such as goddesses, guardians of the land, animal and nature spirits and many other beings from the elemental kingdom.
Yves and Eunjung are deeply inspired to help people to take such soul journeys to expand and enrich their life experiences or even completely transform their life inside and out by facilitating sacred group journeys or helping individuals create their own unique custom spiritual adventures.
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Tapping into the voice of the divine is really about listening to your own heart and having the courage to follow it.
~Yves Nager

A Sacred Journey experience involves the following:

Journeys to sacred places and power spots on the planet help you grow your soul and open your eyes and heart, allowing you to experience much wider perspectives than ever before. You will know that anything is possible, and you can create and re-create the life your heart and soul desire to the benefit of all.
Some Sacred Journey clients are called to travel to certain places for different purposes like relaxation and rejuvenation; healing, transforming certain patterns or issues from this current life or other lifetimes; receiving new insights, visions and gifts for their life paths; empowerment and courage, etc.; or any combination of these.
Many clients ask about particular places Yves and Eunjung have traveled, ranging from simple questions of where to visit to asking deeper questions, such as what energies they should be expecting in certain places. Even the simple questions such as where to visit are not always easy to answer without knowing the person’s intention for their journey. That is where Eunjung’s and Yves’ experience is vital.
Both Eunjung and Yves work with energy and are sensitive and highly intuitive. They don’t travel just to do sightseeing; they journey to learn about the world and themselves, share their hearts and light, honor and respect all beings they meet and be the meeting point between worlds to bring about shifts. They feel and see much more than what can be perceived just with physical senses.
Using those abilities, Eunjung and Yves decided to offer this Sacred Journey consulting service to properly answer and guide people who come for advice about their journey to make the best use of their time during their trip. They help their clients in many aspects, from logistics to energetic support and insights, including which sites will be most helpful to visit for their life situations and to receive messages from their guides.
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Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Roxanna Yadollahi – Vienna, Austria

“What an amazing beautiful workshop with Eunjung & Yves and the lovely participants! I learned so helpful and touching tools, guided by dolphins and whales, spirits, gods and goddesses, ancient Egypt, Hawaiian and Amazon Shamans wisdom. I experienced, practiced(…)

Vicki Rebecca – Aboyne, Scotland

“I would like to thank two wonderful souls Eunjung and Yves who shared a few days with me over the equinox, this time of balance. During their stay they opened my eyes to new realms of possibility and reminded me of truths I had forgotten. When Eunjung sings(…)

Brian McGowan – New York, NY (USA)

“Since the time of my healing with Yves, I noticed much less resistance on my part to look at issues that, when brought to me in the past, I met with excuses. I saw one of my biggest issues very clearly, namely how I sabotage myself and make things much more(…)