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Powerful and Ancient Conscious Relaxation Practice

Induce a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation!

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga stands for union and Nidra stands for sleep. Yoga Nidra is a powerful and ancient technique through which you can learn to consciously relax. It is a state of mind in between wakefulness and dreaming. Although it is often called the Yoga of Sleep, it’s important to attempt to remain awake during the practice as much as possible. It consists of a series of relaxation techniques and visualizations to eliminate the layers of conflict that exist within the mind and body. When we go through life, we only process a small portion of information and impressions through the conscious mind. The latest scientific research shows that 95% of all of our experiences are recorded on the subconscious mind and also imprinted on the unconscious mind. In the library of these experiences exist all of our conditioning, including fears, annoyances, insecurities and self-limiting beliefs.

How does it work? What happens during Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra healing therapy sessions offered by Yves Nager. Powerful and ancient conscious relaxation practice. Yoga stands for union and Nidra stands for sleep.
The good news is that it is indeed possible to effectively reprogram your conditioning. Through the sequenced design of Yoga Nidra, Yves induces a state of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. By detaching from external experiences and shutting off information from the five senses, the consciousness shifts to function at a deeper level of inner awareness. Through this relaxation, your mind is taken in the hypnagogic state, the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness. In this state, contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimensions correspond simultaneously. In a deep state of Yoga Nidra, you can not only access the innermost layers of the mind to replace or remove previous conditionings but also imprint new ideas on the mind at the level where programming happens.
What are the benefits of doing Yoga Nidra? What can be received and achieved?
Ultimately, Yoga Nidra guides you back to your most natural state of inner peace. When you practice it regularly, the nature of the mind can be changed, diseases can be cured and your creative genius can be restored. In the state of Yoga Nidra, healing can occur very effectively at the deepest levels where the roots of illness and imbalance lie. The science of Yoga Nidra is used to heal a variety of disorders, including stress and depression. It is also effective in aiding in the management of psychosomatic disorders, asthma, hypertension and in relieving pain on many levels. Yoga Nidra can also be used to illuminate any undesirable long-term patterns, because it reconditions and re-imprints the mind—both on the conscious and subconscious minds. Another aspect of Yoga Nidra creating a resolve for imprinting new ideas on the mind. This is an intention about something you would like to manifest, create, change or possibly release. Because Yoga Nidra is practiced in a lying-down position and in a very gentle form of Yoga, it is also beneficial for people with physical restrictions.
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How did Yves discover Yoga Nidra?

Yves’ journey with yoga started in 2008. However, it took him a pretty long time to finally find one form of Yoga he could take and practice every day. First, Yves tried Asthanga Yoga while in Hawaii a couple of times, however it never really worked for him for various reasons. Later, after returning to Switzerland, Yves started to take weekly Hatha Yoga classes and three yoga intensive weekends in Zurich. Soon, he started to have amazing experiences in the final relaxation part, called Shavasana. His next step with yoga was in Koh Phangan (Thailand) taking a 150-hour training in January 2014. As a part of this training is how Yves learned about Yoga Nidra. Immediately, he felt that this form of yoga was what he wanted to focus on.

One year later, he progressed enough to receive an invitation to join a Yoga Nidra teacher training in Denver, which he completed in May 2015 (48 hours). In August 2016, he took a 40-hour Yoga Nidra training, which was taught by Rod Stryker, the founder of Para Yoga and author of The Four Desires. In May 2019, Yves latest step was taking another 100-hour I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training developed by Kamini Desai, author of Yoga Nidra – The Art of Transformational Sleep and Education Director of the Amrit Yoga Institute, one of the premier schools of Yoga Nidra in the West.

Why should you work with Yves? What are the unique gifts he can share with you?
During his two Yoga Nidra teacher trainings, Yves learned not only a lot of theoretical and practical steps to incorporate into his own Yoga Nidra classes and sessions, but most of all he experienced firsthand the profound healing and restoring effects of Yoga Nidra for himself, giving him a unique perspective. In addition, Yves also realized that Yoga Nidra has many similar elements and approaches to healing hypnosis, which he studied in 2009 in Switzerland, and another modality called “Presence Centered Awareness Therapy” (PCAP) he learned in Kaua’i in 2011. PCAP was immensely helpful in his journey as well, and he has seen much success with it in his sessions with clients. Yoga Nidra further deepens understanding and practice in stress reduction and healing. Many people have mentioned Yves’ very nurturing voice and supportive energy. Over the past several years, he has really enjoyed working with groups and individual clients to help with their healing process and to improve their life quality, and he sincerely looks forward to working with you.

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Yoga Nidra healing therapy sessions offered by Yves Nager. Powerful and ancient conscious relaxation practice. Yoga stands for union and Nidra stands for sleep.
Yoga Nidra healing therapy sessions offered by Yves Nager. Powerful and ancient conscious relaxation practice. Yoga stands for union and Nidra stands for sleep.

Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Michael Fox - Morrison, CO (USA)
Michael Fox – Morrison, CO (USA)

“It is as if our lives have been never touching except in spirit until now. The love, warmth and nurturing intimacy that both of you created tonight was brilliant. It is beyond that of any physical nature, existing in the soft glow of the here and now of(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Lisa Wood - Denver, CO (USA)
Lisa Wood – Denver, CO (USA)

“Dear Eunjung and Yves, you have both been in my thoughts since our session last week. My thoughts have been of thanks and deep appreciation for you – each of you – your work, your gifts, the love you both spread and share, and the light you shine together. It(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Mavani Ireland, Mission Viejo CA (USA)
Mavani Ireland – Mission Viejo, California (USA) 1

“Yves, the healing that you facilitated for me was truly remarkable. My shoulder is so much better. I know it is healed and just has some residual soreness when I overdo it. Before I saw you, I was waking up every couple of hours because it hurt so much in the(…)