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Animal Healing

Alternative Healing Therapies Designed for our Beloved Animal Friends

Let Yves Bring Your Family Pet Back to Wholeness and Wellbeing!

What is this?

Animal healing uses alternative health therapies to bring animals back to wholeness and health. It clears and heals emotional blockages throughout their body and results in release of fear, trauma and stress. It also enables physical healings of an operation or an injury. These healing therapies are based on the same energy or spiritual healing techniques he facilitates for people. Yves uses a variety of non-invasive and non-intrusive forms of energy work, and he has the gift of healing effectively and transformatively, both directly or with distant healing.
How does it work?
Since animals are very open to energy transmissions, they respond very well to many healing modalities. Animals often mirror and reflect emotional distress and mental blockages experienced by their human companions. They display a physical illness as a result of this distress or blockages they take on. Animals are more sensitive to energy than most people, and therefore they feel the energy work very quickly. In this way, Yves can take care of these loving animal beings with their transformative and healing potential within.
How does Yves Nager facilitate healing animals?

Usually Yves likes to start exchanging energies with them from a short distance away. In most cases, already at that point, he receives information about how they would like to be approached and touched. While this energetic information sharing occurs, some come close and then move away several times (which shows the way they feel and respond to energies) while others lie close immediately and stay there. It’s not unusual that they also expose their belly areas. After a connection has been made with the animal, they show which areas they would like to have treated, whether in direct contact or also by working in their energy field. At the final stage, they become very relaxed (some even fall briefly asleep) and express their gratitude.

What are animal spirit helpers?
We all hold a deep connection with our ancestors as well as with animals and nature spirits. It’s only a matter of how strongly we remember. Yves believes a totem mainly represents an animal spirit helper. Animals have a sacred medicine that guides, heals and awakens people on their journey. When he returned to Lanai on a ferry one time, he had a mystical spiritual experience where he was told that he is a secret totem keeper. He is also a carrier of a spirit medicine bag, which supports him in working with the powerful energies of his animal spirit guides.
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