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Yves Nager - A Purposeful Guide to Explore The Passion of Your Being

Experienced Transformational Energetic Healer

Yves Nager - A Purposeful Guide to Explore The Passion of Your Being. Yves’s mission in life is to be a purpose-driven guide offering his healing gifts in service to others, helping them reconnect with their deepest passions and true happiness. His vast amount of training and experience allows him to achieve his mission as a soul-guide who facilitates clients returning to their own purpose and gaining a deeper connection to life.

Through overcoming many challenges and studying under a number of world-renowned healers, Yves learned how to heal himself and others from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease. Part of Yves life’s purpose is to serve as a healing facilitator, and he emphasizes that healing is not given from one human being to another. In Yves’ sessions, he integrates more than 10 healing modalities he learned and practiced over the past decade and infuses them with his own intuitive skills and life force energy channeled through him.

To have the optimum health means that your physical body, mind (conscious and subconscious) and psyche (various energy fields, different aspects of our soul and heart space) are all working together harmoniously in alignment and balance. For transformational healing to occur, both the healing facilitator and the person receiving the healing session need to believe healing miracles are indeed possible. Further, to maintain this new vibration of balance, harmony and well-being, you need to be willing to change and take responsibility as an authority in your life.

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Healing Therapies Supported by Yves Nager​

Energetic / Spiritual Healing

As you pursue your dreams and passions, taking care of your health and making your well-being a priority is very important. Through many years of study and experiences gained working with others, Yves is convinced that all diseases are, at their core, caused by a misalignment of energies. Many factors can cause misalignment, including negative thought patterns from self or others, fear, unhealed relationships, etc. Energetic healing directly accesses the life force and brings in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for the necessary transformation to occur on many levels. 

Yoga Nidra Sessions

Yoga stands for union and Nidra stands for sleep. Yoga Nidra is a powerful and ancient technique through which you can learn to consciously relax. It is a state of mind in between wakefulness and dreaming. Although it is often called the Yoga of Sleep, it’s important to attempt to remain awake during the practice as much as possible. Yoga Nidra is a series of relaxation techniques and visualizations designed to eliminate the layers of conflict that exist within the mind and body. Through the sequenced design of Yoga Nidra, you can induce a state of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Presence Centered Awareness Therapy

Presence Centered Awareness Therapy supports living with more awareness and consciously, in and from this presence. There is a “ground substance” to your being that is already of peace and joy: a relaxed consciousness of love and health. It is a therapy form drawn from many traditions that includes practical applications of meditative awareness practices from Vipassana and Advaita understandings and psychological approaches including Hakomi Therapy, Psycho Synthesis, Gestalt Therapy and various communication models.

Animal Healing

Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when you are with your beloved animal friends. In turn, you will also learn to clear and heal many emotional, mental or physical blockages. In order to empathetically connect with animals, it is important to recognize their pure spiritual essence, vulnerability and equality. Animals are indeed able to communicate with us when we open ourselves to the telepathic and energetic connection that they offer. Learn about how to connect with animals from the master teachers themselves: the animals.

Praise & Appreciation

My Client's Healing is the Deepest Expression of My Love and Practice

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Brian McGowan - New York, NY (USA)
Brian McGowan – New York, NY (USA)

“Since the time of my healing with Yves, I noticed much less resistance on my part to look at issues that, when brought to me in the past, I met with excuses. I saw one of my biggest issues very clearly, namely how I sabotage myself and make things much more(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Deirdre McGowan - Kauai, HI (USA)
Deirdre McGowan – Kauai, HI (USA)

“Many times I have received energetic work that feels like it moves too quickly, too superficially through the body. Then the body cannot process it. It feels overwhelming, scary, too much sensation and cannot be integrated. Yves work feels like it sinks into(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Dhyana Dunville - Kauai, HI (USA)
Dhyana Dunville – Kauai, HI (USA)

“I had been going through a very deep and intense period of transformation and asked my angels and guides to bring forward anyone who would be helpful in my process. And there was Yves offering me a healing session, right on time! My session with Yves supported(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Alina Maria, Basel, Switzerland
Alina Maria – Basel, Switzerland

“Thank you so much for everything you gave me and the beautiful reverberations from our session! It is very precious for me to hold all of that “in my hands” and continue working with it inside of me in the coming times. I am sure that these healing impulses(…)

Testimonial for Yves Nager from Mavani Ireland, Mission Viejo CA (USA)
Mavani Ireland – Mission Viejo, California (USA) 1

“Yves, the healing that you facilitated for me was truly remarkable. My shoulder is so much better. I know it is healed and just has some residual soreness when I overdo it. Before I saw you, I was waking up every couple of hours because it hurt so much in the(…)