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Special broadcast ‘Der Sprecher’: Click here to watch.

Second Interview on Spirituelles HEUTE Journal: Click here to watch.

Interview on Spirituelles HEUTE Journal: Click here to watch.

Portrait in the Swiss Orienteering Magazine: Click here to read.

Take Off Podcast: Click Here to Listen

Nachtclub Swiss Radio SRF1 (starting from Min. 10): Click Here to Listen

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Panorama TV Switzerland: Click Here to Watch

Colorado Hawaiian Rebirth book tour in November 2018: Click Here to Read Press Release

The launch of my new book Hawaiian Rebirth in October 2018: Click Here to Read Press Release

Video Section

In this section, you will find videos where I discuss my book Hawaiian Rebirth and different topics around life purpose. You can also watch interviews I had about my recent book, as well as my work as a healer and life coach. This section will be updated regularly with my most recent video materials, and you can also follow me on my YouTube channel.
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Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Interview with CJ Liu
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In this video, CJ Liu interviews me on my book Hawaiian Rebirth. I share how a personal loss and my grief led me to move from Switzerland to Hawaii. What are the seven questions that have guided my clients in finding more meaning in life and me? What are the twelve steps towards living a life in flow? How would you live life according to spirit’s calling?

Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Interview with Kathy Mason
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In this interview with Kathy Mason, I explain how I wrote Hawaiian Rebirth and why my book is so essential for everyone to read who wants to transform his or her life and fully start living on purpose. I also discuss how you will benefit by reading Hawaiian Rebirth and how it will enable you to live a passionate life.

Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Messages from the Heart Interview with Ted Murray
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In this interview with Ted Murray from Messages from the Heart, I explain how my 30 years experience of creating maps translate in my book Hawaiian Rebirth and how I can help guide you in your unchartered journey of evolutionary and spiritual development.

Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Interview on Conscious Business Zone
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In this Interview which was streamed live on November 1, 2018, on Conscious Business Zone with Kathy Mason, I am sharing more about my book, miraculous heart-opening experiences I had while I visited Hawaii for the first time in 2008, and how I became interested and passionate about my work as a healer and life coach.
Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - 11:11:11 Global Meditation and Healing Transmission
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This one hour and 17 min video contains:

  • A couple of powerful breathing exercises for calming the mind and activating your field for new creations.
  • Visualizations & meditations to help you clear or let go of the old or what no longer serves you; uplift, heal and transform you and the world around us; anchor in the seeds of new creations and manifest your dreams and visions.
  • Healing energy transmission (about 12 minutes): here we don’t speak, you can lie down or sit comfortably to receive the healing.
  • Prayer for the world (the last part).
Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - The Beginning of Hawaiian Rebirth
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If you would get a second chance to start a new life, what would you leave behind, and what would you like to receive instead? Recently, I returned to the place on Oahu (Hawaii) where I asked myself these two questions in 2008 — answering these questions, having a clear intention and following my heart’s calling which ultimately led me to my Hawaiian Rebirth.
Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Listening to the Sound of Silence
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How often recently have you spent time by yourself? I invite you to take some quiet time alone. Allow yourself to rest, relax and allow the grace of silence to enfold and empower you. Take time to go to a place of stillness and quiet, the whispers of your soul, and see what emerges.
Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Blessing of Gratitude
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It was amazing to see my Hawaiian Rebirth books displayed in one of the Barnes and Nobles bookstores, the largest one in the state of Hawaii! A decade ago, I used to buy books in this store, and now ten years later my book is being displayed for sales. Then around sunset, I went to Kamaina Beach on Oahu where I used to read books and recorded this video.

Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Hawaiian Rebirth Book Launch
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To celebrate the launch of my new book Hawaiian Rebirth, on the day of the book launch, I created a video during a ritual at sunrise at the South shore here on Kaua’i. I am offering more than $600 worth of bonus launch gifts when you order my book. Thank you!

Yves Nager Hawaiian Rebirth - Testimonial for Yves Nager and Eunjung Choi
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In this short video, Kathy Mason from Mason Works Marketing shares her testimonial about 3 different workshops Eunjung and I did during the Hawaiian Rebirth book tour in Colorado in November 2018.