Being Present – Challenge or Joy?

In this new video, I talk about five effective approaches how you can become more mindful, present, and aware of both what you are doing and what you are thinking in the now moment. It is through engaging in daily spiritual practices that you can strengthen your ability to overcome difficulties when they show up.

Being Present – Challenge or Joy?2020-06-13T17:04:42-07:00

How to Set Intentions for Overcoming Habits

Over the past decade, I’ve read many self-help books, watched many transformational and spiritual movies and videos and attended numerous courses and workshops. Most self-help books assert that lasting positive changes will be made in your life when you let go of old patterns and behaviors and replace them with positive habits.

How to Set Intentions for Overcoming Habits2020-06-13T17:03:42-07:00

Karma and Your Life’s Purpose

Aloha, what does ‘Karma’ mean to you? I sometimes hear people saying, “I am having a really challenging time, and I think I may have bad Karma from a past life”. I also saw some posts on Facebook about someone’s bad actions where people commented “Karma will take care of it.” Please watch my video blog on the nature of karma to learn more.

Karma and Your Life’s Purpose2020-01-16T22:33:52-08:00

Yves Nager Website Launch

Aloha and welcome to my new website I am very excited to share this profound new platform with like-minded seekers like yourself. Please watch my welcome video to learn more about how this fantastic project came together, as well as how we can work with one another. I look forward to our meeting and guiding you on your personal journey of healing and transformation.

Yves Nager Website Launch2020-01-16T22:34:47-08:00