Solstice, Honesty, and Messages from Andean Shamans

June 21, 2020

This weekend, we are experiencing quite an astrological event. First, I will add that I am not an astrologist and the information I am sharing here was gathered from my readings. We’ve just had the Summer Solstice amplified by the new moon solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses are always powerful events. The solar eclipse on June 20 was significant because it happened on the same day as the summer solstice. On this special day, the earth is in direct and precise alignment with the center of the galaxy.

The energies of the past few weeks have been accelerating social changes, bringing emotional needs to the surface individually and collectively. To me, this solar eclipse seems to be another turning point and wake up call for letting go of the past, but only after we offer ourselves enough time to purify, transform, and release unconscious old patterns for closure following some less pleasant events in our lives.

I’ve been feeling a deep space, void within me more acutely for the past few days, a slightly different experience I had had from other Summer Solstices. Last year Eunjung and I offered our Solstice ceremony on top of Mt. Haleakala on Maui watching the magnificent sunrise and the year before, we celebrated our summer solstice on Mt. Amiata in the Tuscany region of Italy.

This year, as Eunjung has not been feeling well, we opted for a contemplative day of prayers and meditation, which I felt beneficial for us to become real and honest with ourselves and what we are creating in our lives. This process can be challenging especially when your world does not seem to reflect what you are intending to create.

Honesty includes speaking the truth and expressing yourself in a genuine and sincere way while you take responsibility for your feelings and actions. It involves expressing your intentions and what you are committed to and communicating your internal states. Honesty allows you to own your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and take responsibility. By doing so, you can release blockages and reconnect with the ever present, cosmic creative forces.

We sometimes want to hide from truth for one reason or another, especially when we encounter challenges. To get in touch with your inner truth, it is essential to listen to our hearts, instead of what our minds want to be true, or what we have been told is true by others.

By first learning how to listen to our hearts, we then can express what is true in loving and harmonious ways. I found one of the best ways to listen to what my heart’s truth is when I am in communing with nature. And this helps me go beyond my human perception and get a deeper spiritual perspective of what my role would be in our evolutionary journeys.

My friend Kiara Windrider, who wrote the afterword for my book Hawaiian Rebirth, shared a message with me from the Andean shamans about the energy of change for this summer solstice during this time of major shifts in collective consciousness.

The summer solstice has always been a sacred moment for shamans as the moment of reconnection with the source. However, this time they announce an unusual time in the sky and even that right now is a decisive moment in the fate of humanity.

They highlight that at this unique time, the Earth receives the direct influx of very subtle and high-level energies from a divine source. They highlight that on this day we must attune to the highest of peace, love, among all living things on earth. I’d like to share a portion of their urgent message here:

“The guards tell us that it is very important to stay united and send positive and creative energy of love to the universe. They ask us to maintain an attitude of tolerance, fraternity, and solidarity for seven days. Interact without arguing, communicate lovingly and calm our minds, let go and forgive every situation.

We are asked to maintain harmony within ourselves, not to fight, not to judge, not to resist and not to confront, so that the sum of all this energy helps our grandparents, their rituals, which they use to protect and preserve our lives perform and strengthen faster. They ask us to sing and raise our vibration to the light, the Creator, to beautify the balance of our fellow world.

Let us therefore ask for the protection of every living being. If you know someone who works as a healer, holistic practitioner, spiritual master, teacher of the here and now, light worker, ecological community, share this message with him. It is important to be united in this crucial moment in our history.”

This week, I’d like to encourage all of us to self-reflect and get clarity on what kind of world we choose to live in and focus our energies and intention on peace, harmony and love for the world, or the version of reality we want to create and experience from our heart-space.

You can watch our global meditation and prayer again HERE. There are many videos with guided meditations, breathing exercises and transformational practices on my YouTube. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to my channel. I will be adding more videos regularly in the coming months.

To support you on your journey, I will be offering 2 weekly events starting from this coming week. Every Wednesday, I will offer remote group healing, and every Saturday, I will go live to offer group Yoga Nidra and healing meditations.

These two weekly events will be purely donation based, and I will share a portion of the donations with animal rescue organizations in need. So watch out for the details that will be shared very soon. Mahalo.

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