Notice synchronicity to manifest your dreams

May 10, 2020

Have you ever experienced having what you saw in your dream or vision, or what you felt in your gut, manifested in your outer reality?

Synchronicities occur when an outer physical event reflects a manifestation of an inner condition: a dream, a vision, an emotion, or an idea. To define an incident as ‘synchronistic’, the inner incident must happen before or simultaneously with an outer incident.

If you open yourself up, notice these meaningful clues and use them to guide your actions, you’ll begin to recognize synchronicity everywhere in your daily life.

For example, maybe you’ve had an experience where a friend calls you at the same time you’re thinking about them. Or, you might become aware that certain combinations of numbers keep showing up and after a time you discern the significance of those numbers in your life.

When you start looking for it, you’ll find synchronicity everywhere. One night earlier this week, I had a dream where I saw an article about my book Hawaiian Rebirth featured in the ‘Garden Island’, the largest local newspaper of Kaua’i. I don’t always remember dreams, but I clearly did remember this one when I woke up in the morning. So I went online to see, unbeknownst to me that an article was indeed published 3 weeks ago in the ‘Garden Island’.

Another article was published in the ‘Blick’, one of the largest newspapers in Switzerland on my 44th birthday. In this case, I had been wishing and visioning an article in Swiss media, which manifested in outer reality.

If you have ever felt there is a guiding force of synchronicity in your life, how about using the phenomena of synchronicity more consciously to manifest your heart dreams and wishes? I believe synchronicity is underpinned by a fundamental characteristic of energy – energy flows where thoughts, feelings, and attention go.

So I’d like to invite you to keep directing your attention, thoughts, and feelings to what you’d like to experience or manifest no matter how many conflicting ideas you may encounter in your inner or outer environment.

Start noticing how your outer reality starts to shift based on your attention. It may take some time to fully manifest your heart dreams, but the principle of energy never fails.

I’d love to hear from you about something you dreamt of and then happened in reality.

Please leave me a comment below. If you are not on Facebook, click on WordPress to leave a regular comment. I will read and respond to every one. ~Yves Nager

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To live a life on purpose, acknowledge your thoughts andnemotions and redirect them toward your dreams.
~Yves Nager