Let your Inner Sun shine and come to the Lebenskraft expo in Zurich!

“Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

September 28, 2022


Something I’ve been reminded of over the last few weeks, especially during the Fall equinox of September 23rd, is that we can trust that our inner core always shines brightly, even if we can’t always see it fully.

There are times when our whole world seems to collapse around us and we end up not knowing what to hold on to. Sometimes the structures and relationships that hold together our physical reality fall apart. For example, a few days ago, I had to move out of a place I thought would be my base at least for two months due to a rather shocking event. It is equally destabilizing when our internal world view or belief systems collapse.

When we are faced with a series of challenging situations, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint how and why they started. We may feel as if all the protective walls around us have collapsed and feel rather confused, exposed, and vulnerable. That’s how it felt for me when I had to cancel my participation in the feel-good days in Lucerne early September, which I also communicated to you via my last message.

Such phases in our life journey offer us an opportunity to recognize where we have established our sense of well-being, security and ultimately our identity. Whenever these external factors change in our lives, while it is natural and part of our process to search for our sense of self outside of ourselves, these changes offer us a valuable chance to rediscover and get closer to the core of our being. This core of our being is the only true safe place where we find inner peace, relaxation, and rest.

The core of our being is never affected by the shifting winds of circumstance or the cycles of change that govern the physical reality we perceive. Rather it is as unchanging and permanent like the sun. This is why the great mystics and mystical poets of many centuries in their odes to the self have often referred to the sun as a symbol and that sometimes we can only find this bright light within.

Just as the sun is hidden by many clouds and chilly, rainy weather here in Switzerland this week, there are times when our core seems to be unreachable for us. However, that is not true. We know that when the sun disappears behind a cloud or sets for the night, it is not gone but temporarily out of sight. Likewise, we can trust that our inner core is always shining brightly, even if we can’t always see it and our perception is temporarily clouded.

When things fall apart around us, we must cling to that core. There are multiple ways of how we can reconnect to that core when our perception and life’s experience become clouded, for example prayer, meditation, journaling, mindfulness, or body awareness techniques. Despite difficulties, times of outer darkness can be a great gift as they offer us the opportunity to remember that inner light that always shines regardless of the circumstances of our life.

Then, when our outer life begins to come together again after a difficult period, we can lean on our core a little easier and know more clearly than ever that our true home is this bright sun that shines within our core. Furthermore, we realize that we develop more compassion for others who face their own challenges and help them reconnect to their essence. So let’s all let that inner sun shine, wherever our life journey has led us right now.

Lebenskraft conscious life expo in Zurich, Switzerland (October 6 – 9, 2022)

A great opportunity to do this TOGETHER and to support each other is the Lebenskraft conscious life expo, which will take place from October 6th to 9th, 2022 in Zurich. After my first return from Hawaii in March 2009 at the age of 32, I attended the Lebenskraft event for the first time as a visitor. At the time, I could never have imagined that I would one day be a presenter at this major event.

I am very excited about the opportunity to share what is most dear to my heart, topics related to Hawaii with you next week in Zurich along with many other speakers. On Friday (October 7th), I will share Hawaiian self-healing techniques and how you can practice and share the principles of ALOHA to uplift your life and others’. Then on Saturday (October 8th) I will give an introduction to Ilahinoor, an easy-to-learn, but very powerful and ancient energy healing technique, in a one-day workshop.

13 years ago, this full-day Ilahinoor workshop with my friend Kiara Windrider from India left deep impact and changed my life forever. I was then looking for a way to reconnect with the energy I received from the Hawaiian healer and shaman Paul in the beginning of my journey, and I found the same energy that day through Ilahinoor!

So I have come a full circle. Last year, as I also had an honor to translate Kiara’s book Ilahinoor into German, I am happy that I now have the opportunity, after 13 years, to pass on what I received in 2009 exactly at the same event Lebenskraft. It would be great if you can come join us too in Zurich.  

You can find all information about my contributions here and the event program booklet here. For the first 3 who write back to me, I give 2 each and a free day entry to the Lebenskraft expo. Send me a message if you would like to receive this gift!

Prior to this weekend, there was another opportunity to be part of my talk with filmmaker, moderator and author Johan Nepomuk Maier live. For over a decade, Nepomuk has been researching frontier science and phenomena of augmented physical reality. We will discuss how Hawaii changed my life since 2008, what I will be presenting in Zurich. You can watch the video of our conversation here.


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