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August 19, 2022


Today’s post is inspired by my participation in the ‘Feel-good days’ (Wohlfühltage in German language) in Lucerne, Switzerland, at the beginning of September. I will share more about this event at the end.

I hope you are enjoying the summer to the fullest after two challenging years of many restrictions. In Switzerland, we’ve been appreciating the beautiful, ideal summer weather with plenty of sunshine.

It’s been delightful to see many people out and about enjoying good company in restaurants, at festivals, outdoors, jumping in and swimming in lakes and rivers here in Switzerland. Sunshine makes us feel good and reenergizes as it helps increase production of a hormone called serotonin among other benefits.

On the other hand, unfortunately many parts of the world see dramatic increases of the temperature and heatwaves leading to disruptions of daily lives and tragic wildfires, draughts, floods, even losses of life. I once experienced almost unbearably hot weather many years ago in a Mediterranean country. It was 47 degrees Celsius and the nighttime did not give much of a relief either.

Such environmental factors affect us a lot because we cannot rest fully. Heat and sleepless nights can lead to less motivation and drive to accomplish your goals during the day. Besides the weather and environmental elements, there are many other factors in life that sometimes burden us and make us feel uncomfortable.

In such moments when you feel fatigue affecting your ability to handle your daily activities or projects, it is important to find out what you would need to do to make you feel better again. Talking to someone and getting advice about what you are experiencing could help or maybe you find other creative avenues to find solutions.

You’ve probably been in such a space before, out of sorts, agitated, confused, depressed, and uncomfortable, physically, emotionally, or mentally. What was helpful then may be still helpful now. Try to remember those situations and solutions, and gather the resources that already helped you.

Here is a list of what I could suggest to support you when you want to bring yourself back on track:

1) First, become aware of what causes your stress

Try to figure out why you don’t feel good. What is bothering you? Is it an important interview or appointment coming up that makes you nervous? Perhaps you feel ill prepared for a presentation or what you heard from a friend, colleague or family member is upsetting you. It also could be that your feeling down comes from multiple other reasons.

2) Balance recognizing your limits and pushing beyond your comfort zone

Once you find out what the source of your discomfort or anxiety is, then you can try to find a solution to it. If for example a phone call or meeting scheduled makes you feel anxious, you can either postpone or cancel if that is an option until you feel you can handle it or better prepared.

Especially in today’s challenging times and when it comes to your health and well-being, I believe it is essential that you acknowledge your limits and set your boundaries to prevent constant feeling of being overwhelmed or stress.

On the other hand, is there something that needs to be taken care of urgently? Then meet your challenge the best way possible and think about how you will reward yourself afterwards.

You can recall your favorite recharging activities – spending time in nature such as hike, swim in the ocean or lake, a spa visit, playing time with your pets or loved ones, reading a book, listening to music etc. This will help you get things done you are reluctant to do.

3) Gather your resources for reenergizing and wellbeing

Make a list of all the things that could benefit your well-being and increase vitality. For example, talking to a best friend, cuddle time with your pets or animals can bring more positivity into your day. If you don’t have a pet, maybe a friend or neighbor has a pet that you can walk, play or cuddle with.

Sport is one of my favorite passions. Physical activity can help you feel good especially afterwards because it can affect greatly your thoughts and emotions. It is reported that ‘happiness hormones’ (endorphins) are released through exercise, which in turn increases your feeling of well-being and reduces stress.

4) Keep track of your resources

Choose one place where you put everything that contributes to your well-being. What memorabilia (e.g. photos, posts on social media or concert tickets) do you have? You might also consider writing a letter of encouragement to yourself, or a list of things you’re proud of, and so on.

You can also ask your friends to write down qualities that you value in each other. The idea is that whenever you’re feeling down, you can remind yourself of this place. This can help you feel better and find new motivation.

5) Take notes on your positive qualities

Instead of just mentally taking notes, it is often helpful to write them down. Try writing compliments or encouraging words for yourself on post-Its, notepads, or entire pages. What do you like or what do you find particularly great about yourself? Write everything down as long as it makes you feel good.

It’s perfectly ok if you don’t find something to write right away. You can also use photos, pictures, or graphics that express what you want to write down if you can’t yet find the right words.

Hang up these notes with the writings or graphics or pictures in places in your room or house where you can easily see them. You don’t need to be always consciously look at them. However, when you need a mental shift or emotional boost, notice which note or picture, etc. helps you feel more encouraged, empowered, and improve self-esteem and self-love.

6) Become more mindful

Be conscious and mindful when you are engaged in any activity and avoid multi-tasking if possible. This can help you be more focused shortening the time it takes to complete a task or appreciate what you are doing thus generating more relaxation when you are resting.  

For example, during a shower in the morning, you can concentrate on how the water drops and the temperature feel on your skin instead of thinking what you need to do during the day.

Throughout the day, try turning off your mobile phone or set it to silent for an hour or so a day and perceive everything around and within you as consciously as possible during that hour. I’m in the process of completing a comprehensive new manuscript on mindfulness, and I look forward to making it available to you soon.

7) Schedule a ‘Me’ time

Notice when you start feeling tired, irritable, and not well. This is usually because it is time to recharge your battery and strengthen yourself by resting and take care of your well-being.

Regularly taking a time to relax and unwind is extremely valuable. Feel and think about what you would like to do for yourself right now and set aside a few hours a week or according to your needs to consciously create ‘me’ time slots in your agenda that you use to recharge your batteries and become more mindful.

8) Smiles are contagious

Besides the endorphins released by physical exercises, our brain also has so-called mirror neurons. These mirror neurons can react in both positive and negative ways. You’ve probably noticed that a laugh or a smile is contagious.

So, when you see people’s smile, these mirror neurons trigger similar impulses in you. With the mask mandate lifted in almost all places as far as I understand, it is now easier again to be aware of who is smiling around you and smile back.

Starting from today, you can be a smile ambassador by smiling at people you encounter. In most cases they will smile back at you and help you feel better in turn. This is one of the easiest but effective ways to create a cycle of spreading positivity and wellbeing and helping lift each other’s spirit.

9) Help someone in need

Helping others in need can immediately shift the downcast mode you are in. When you don’t feel well, one of the benefits could be that you have heightened sensitivity toward others who are suffering.

I recently experienced such an encounter. I saw someone who appeared homeless sitting on the side of the street with his dog near the Bern train station. I stopped and watched hundreds of people just walking by without noticing them.

I wondered what happened to this young man and the dog to bring them there and how he may be feeling about the situation. Then I approached the young guy with his dog and asked how they were doing and if I could get something to eat and drink for the man and his dog.

After I brought the food and drinks to them, his smile and genuine appreciation and his dog’s excitement and joy touched me so much that whatever made me feel uncomfortable and restless earlier suddenly was completely gone.

So, I encourage you too to help others if you are able and when you want to shift from uncomfortable to good feeling and make others happy as well.


Wohlfühltage in Lucerne from September 1st to 4th, 2022

During the Wohlfühltage, which will soon take place from September 1st to 4th, 2022 in Lucerne, Switzerland, we will look at well-being from different perspectives. These ‘feel-good days’ are a unique place where people come together to more meaning and being in life.

Numerous speakers and exhibitors from the fields of health and healing, personality development, and living consciously invite you as a guest to discover and experience worlds full of light and healing in mini sessions, full lectures, and workshops. It is a down-to-earth fair on topics of consciousness and inspiring connections.

I am honored and happy to be there as a speaker in Lucerne. On September 1, I will give a presentation on living with your purpose and sharing ALOHA. On September 3, I’d like to invite you to embark on your hero’s journey, and on September 4, I will lead a 3-hour workshop where you can connect with the transformative energies of various power places that Eunjung and I have visited on our many years of traveling around the world.

Finally, I also look forward to September 4 when I will be a speaker at the interactive Spirit Move Symposium in the afternoon. Along with Sue Dhaibi, Catharina Roland, Ramona Veda, and Priska Simatha Wyss, I will be presenting potent tools to meet and transform challenges of the present times. You can find all the information about my contributions here.

I hope you can join us. I would be very happy to meet you in person in Lucerne!

With love and appreciation, Yves

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