ALOHA as a remedy for humanity

ALOHA as a remedy for humanity

March 26, 2020

“To gain the kingdom of heaven is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable – that is Aloha. All things in the world are two; in heaven there is but one.” (Queen Lili’uokalani)

How are you? I hope you are staying healthy and strong during this challenging and confusing time. It is incredible to witness how quickly the world as we knew it has come to a full stop, and how we are forced to adapt to this new way of living and relating to each other in this unfamiliar terrain of ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’.

Just a few months ago, we could not have imagined how much this Coronavirus would change our lives and the magnitude of challenges it would bring to us and our world. Many in my circle I talked to over the past few days mention that the current state feels like a surreal dream and I certainly feel that way too. It feels like what I am waking up to every morning is not just my own individual dream, but a collective dream the humanity is experiencing worldwide.

I go through waves of different emotions – feeling heart-broken and helpless at times witnessing the mounting loss of human lives and grief of losing their loved ones and their livelihood experienced by so many around the world and at other times, feeling hopeful for the emergence of a more beautiful and compassionate world and at complete peace deep within.

We are uncertain how long this uncomfortable and unfamiliar dream would last. But what is evident is we need to master togetherness and being one with our true nature in the midst of the ‘Social Distancing’ mandate and widespread fear in order to overcome the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and to emerge as a more harmonious, compassionate, and loving human species.

Perhaps this presents a divine opportunity for all of us to restore what’s seemingly broken and what’s lost by experiencing a loss at such a magnitude on a personal and collective level. Suddenly and unexpectedly, there is so much time at hand to reflect upon how we have lived our lives so far.

We start to miss what we have taken for granted for such a long time: meeting in person with friends and family members, go watch a movie in a movie theater, go to dinner with friends and family, join community events and other gatherings, being able to roam around freely and travelling to other cities and countries.

I believe we will go through a large spectrum of emotions from shock (this can’t be true!), denial (everything is fine!), anger (who is to blame?), bargaining (just one more time), depression (what will I live for now?), testing (what is the best I can do now?) acceptance (I will remain calm and positive!), and to new hope (it’s going to be great after all!) several times.

For Eunjung and I, all plans shifted drastically and swiftly just a few days before we were supposed to fly to Switzerland from Kaua’i for the long-awaited release of my book Hawaiianische Wiedergeburt (German version of Hawaiian Rebirth).

It was published on March 15 with Giger Verlag, a well-known publisher in Switzerland. Because of the rapid spread of Covid-19, all book-related events got cancelled in Switzerland. Living Sense, the coaching school where I was invited to teach as a guest lecturer had to close for now, and a travel ban to Europe was put in place by the US government.

Inevitably, I had to cancel all my travel, event and teaching schedule and Eunjung and I had to come up with a plan for staying in put on Kaua’i last minute. At first, I felt sad and disappointed that I could not celebrate the launch of my book in person in my home country. But rather quickly I came to surrender and found peace and felt blessed knowing I am where I am supposed to be, on my beloved island of Kaua’i with my love Eunjung.

When the sunshine came back to our delight just before the Spring Equinox after several days of inclement weather with torrential rain, a tornado warning and lots of flooding on Kaua’i, I decided to go out in nature to celebrate the release of my new book Hawaiianische Wiedergeburt. The ceremony on the Spring Equinox was a deeply moving and touching experience.

I will never forget the tranquil, soft light and dreamy seascape when Eunjung and I arrived at a remote beach in the early, pre-sunrise hours. While witnessing the luminescent sun rising over the horizon, I released 3 roses to the ocean as a symbolic representation of gifting my book to the readers, humanity and Mother Earth.

When I offered a ritual for the launch of the English version of my book Hawaiian Rebirth, I released Plumeria flowers to the ocean as a symbol of new life, a new beginning, or birth. This time, I felt guided to offer roses for the ceremony of Hawaiianische Wiedergeburt as roses symbolize balance, promise and hope in addition to being a universal symbol of love.

You can watch the video of my ocean ceremony hereI am speaking in German with captions both in English and German which you can choose from.

In the chapter ‘blessing of healing’ in my book, I wrote about Auntie Pilahi Paki who was a revered keeper of the secrets of Hawaii. She tasked several of her students to be prepared for the future when the world would be in collapse. She spoke of the time when Hawaii would have the remedy to save the world, and the remedy was Aloha.

Aloha includes the following deeper meaning:

A: Akahai – meaning kindness (grace), to be expressed with tenderness

L: Lokahi – meaning unity (unbroken), to be expressed with harmony

O: Olu’olu – meaning agreeable (gentle), to be expressed with pleasantness

H: Ha’aha’a – meaning humility (empty), to be expressed with modesty

A: Ahonui – meaning patience (waiting for the moment), to be expressed with perseverance.

While I wrote these words in 2017, I wondered in which ways Aloha would become such a remedy for the world that is seemingly spinning out of control and if the human collective would ever recognize what the wisdom keepers of many ancient traditions from around the world had prophesized for a long time.

Now I understand that we are called to do our inner work based on this true meaning and principles of Aloha to rise confidently above fear and shift into a new world we truly wish to live in. I believe and envision that the values contained in ALOHA will help guide us individually and collectively during this unprecedented time of challenges.

Eunjung and I are currently looking into different ways how we can serve best for the coming weeks from Kaua’i such as offering healing meditations and Yoga Nidra sessions online, both for groups and individuals, and I will announce these offerings with another newsletter.

For now, you can visit my book website My book Hawaiian Rebirth and a set of exclusive bonus gifts will be helpful and valuable resources for you to stay healthy, balanced and centered, especially during this challenging time.

Please also watch the vlogs on my website as well as the several videos on my Youtube. There, you will find additional tools you can use for yourself and share with your loved ones. In particular, I highly recommend practicing the breathing exercise shared here, whenever you feel anxiety, fear and distress.

It’s my sincerest wish that we may all have peace in our hearts and maintain a positive outlook amid this worldwide lockdown and that although we are now physically separated from each other, we get to experience even more powerful connections within ourselves, with our loved ones, with the planet earth, and with our guides and angels than ever before.

Please know that I am here for you, and don’t hesitate to contact me either by email or phone if you need any support, or just need someone to talk things through with. I am still offering healing and coaching services for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. If you are facing financial challenges at this time, we can always find a solution.

Be well, stay safe, reach out for help if you need, support your family, friends and community, and let’s keep visualizing together a brighter future not only for humanity, but for all life on this planet and beyond.

Please leave me a comment below. If you are not on Facebook, click on WordPress to leave a regular comment. I will read and respond to every one. ~Yves Nager

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