Stress reduction through Hawaiian Self-healing Techniques

November 11, 2022


With my message today, I’d like to invite you to accompany me on a virtual journey to the Swiss mountains.

Last Sunday I explored the beautiful Bernese Oberland with my friend Thomas Frei (also known as ‘Der Sprecher’). We took the opportunity of being in nature to shoot a 1-hour video on the topics of stress reduction and self-healing on Lake Thun and in the beautiful mountains.

First, let’s briefly talk about how stress arises. Basically, there are two different types of stress, which can have different effects on the body, the psyche, and the brain:

Positive stress (eustress): Great joy, excitement and expectation of positive events can inspire, encourage, and energize you. You perceive such stress as positive and valuable.

Negative stress (distress): Worries, hardships and fears, or excessive stress at work and in the family can cause negative stress and consequently can make people ill. These days, the constant digital availability that has become part of our everyday life can also be a factor for the negative stress.

Our individual perceptions and attitudes all play a role in whether someone finds something stressful or not. While someone quickly gets under pressure in certain situations, someone else can remain relaxed and composed even in similarly challenging situations, or vice versa.

Most of us experience times of stress. As a rule, our body manages to recover from it. So not all responses or reactions to stress are associated with health risks. It only becomes a problem if you are always tense and there are no longer any natural rhythms between contraction and relaxation.

If you are exposed to challenges in such a tense state, then stress reactions occur and more stress hormones are released in your body. If you have enough rest periods to compensate, stress in itself is not bad, because then the stress hormones are broken down again.

However, with prolonged stress, these hormones remain in the body and one or more of these physical or psychological symptoms or diseases may develop:

Physical symptoms can include headaches, circulatory problems, palpitations, tension, stomach pain, indigestion, insomnia, or dizziness.

Psychological symptoms can include nervousness, hypersensitivity, feelings of helplessness, depression, difficulty concentrating, or forgetfulness.

That’s why it’s so important that you also find time to relax as regularly as possible to reduce stress. I talk about this, among other things, on the video with Thomas.

Some of you may remember how I spent the last few months of Joy (our family dog)’s life with her at the end of last year before she crossed the rainbow bridge. Not only this event was incredibly sad but also very stressful for me, which manifested through various physical symptoms. So, I was in dire need of healing and relaxation.

The blessing hidden within was that my healing journey took me once more back to Hawaii. In March 2022, I went to Big Island where I was guided by a series of events and synchronicities to Serge Kahili King, a world-renowned author of several influential books on Hawaiian spirituality and shamanism.

Since then, I’ve studied with him on several occasions over the course of this year. This past October, I shared various simple but very effective techniques and methods I learned from Serge in my presentations at the Lebenskraft Fair in Zurich.

And today I am thrilled to also share with you some of these simple yet powerful Hawaiian healing methods through a video recording with the beautiful Swiss mountains as the background with the great support of my friend Thomas!

The day of the filming was a bit chilly and windy yet beautiful, we were in the snow for the first time this autumn, with several delightful surprises, and I really enjoyed the whole process of making this video last Sunday.

Thomas then masterfully put together an amazing video containing sceneries of the gorgeous Swiss mountains and our adventures interwoven with my speaking points on Hawaiian self-healing techniques and how they helped me with the difficult time I had after Joy’s passing last year.

So, if you want to learn how to better deal with stress, how to calm down and relax and how simple yet highly effective Hawaiian healing methods can support you, or if you simply want to be inspired by beautiful nature shots, then Thomas and I’d like to invite you to accompany us on this journey.

You are welcome to watch the video here!

I will soon also make it available with English subtitles. If you have any questions about the content I present, we can also work together personally. I would be honored to support you with destressing and relaxation for your journey to wellness and wholeness.

Warmly, Yves

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