How does Karma relate to your life’s purpose?

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What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

I sometimes hear people saying, “I am having a really challenging time, and I think I may have bad Karma from a past life”. I also saw some posts on Facebook about someone’s bad actions where people commented “Karma will take care of it.”

When I was back in Switzerland this summer, I even found food products sold by one of the biggest supermarkets under the brand Karma. All these experiences left me with the impression that people seem to use the term Karma without knowing what it truly means.

So what is Karma? Karma means “deed”, “work”, “action”, or “act”. Karma consists both of an action and an intention behind an executed action or a planned action. Basically, a good action and good intent creates good Karma, and a bad action creates bad Karma, as does bad intent.

Wouldn’t you agree that who you are right now is the result of who you have been, and that who you will become is the result of who you are right now?

The main problem around the way Karma is commonly understood is that most people associate it with either past or future events, which in turn disempowers them.

Then how can we truly make the right ‘Karma’? – By making the right ‘action’ now, which is to set an intention aligned with your purpose and taking inspired action in the now moment. I will dive deeper into this in my next vlog early next year. So stay tuned.

To your purposeful life,

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Testimonial for Yves Nager from Brian McGowan - New York, NY (USA)
Brian McGowan – New York, NY (USA)

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Testimonial for Yves Nager from Dhyana Dunville - Kauai, HI (USA)
Dhyana Dunville – Kauai, HI (USA)

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Testimonial for Yves Nager from Alina Maria, Basel, Switzerland
Alina Maria – Basel, Switzerland

“Thank you so much for everything you gave me and the beautiful reverberations from our session! It is very precious for me to hold all of that “in my hands” and continue working with it inside of me in the coming times. I am sure that these healing impulses(…)

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