Being Present – Challenge or Joy?

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Yves Nager - A Purposeful Guide to Explore The Passion of Your Being. Yves’s mission in life is to be a purpose-driven guide offering his healing gifts in service to others, helping them reconnect with their deepest passions and true happiness. His vast amount of training and experience allows him to achieve his mission as a soul-guide who facilitates clients returning to their own purpose and gaining a deeper connection to life.

In this new video, I talk about five effective approaches how you can become more mindful, present, and aware of both what you are doing and what you are thinking in the now moment. It is through engaging in daily spiritual practices that you can strengthen your ability to overcome difficulties when they show up.

On April 28, I celebrated my birthday on Kaua’i while attending a week-long retreat with a spiritual teacher from India. Meditation was an essential part of this retreat. On a special day like birthday or traditional holiday, memories can come into our awareness, giving us a chance to reflect upon what memories we cherish, and what memories we perhaps want to forget.

When I am on Kaua’i, there is no day I do not gaze at the ocean. First, I become aware of how the ocean waves look and sound. After watching it for some time, I realize the waves are not separate from each other; every wave is a unique expression of the entire ocean, and the ocean is part of every wave. It’s not any different from us human beings in that we are all unique expressions of the consciousness of humanity.

Meditation is one of the simplest and most effective approaches to help you be present with what is. Many ideas, theories, and concepts have been created around what meditation is. In essence, I believe meditation is being a witness, being aware of the different sensations present, and observing all the scenes that pass through awareness as I go through life.

At the beginning of meditation practice, you realize that distraction and restlessness may come up when you try to quiet the mind. So being present can be indeed a challenge. Over time, as you continue with the practice, you will experience inner peace and joy once you immerse in deeper brainwave states and finally relax into your experience.

In 2015, after seven years of meditation practices, I discovered the most relaxed way of being in joyful presence through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, which combines the benefits of meditation, relaxation and setting intentions. Yoga Nidra guides you back to your most natural state of inner peace and induces a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

Are you interested in learning how to be present to what is in peaceful, calm awareness so that your highest intention can come materialized in the state of surrender and grace? Are you yearning to feel a more profound connection with yourself and others? What if you could let go what does not serve you any longer with ease and grace? I am here to help you develop a deeper awareness and appreciation for the present moment.

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