About Yves Nager

Yves Nager is a renowned author, transformational healer, workshop facilitator, as well as a world-class mapper, orienteerer and explorer. His soul-lead path through life has taken him far and wide seeking out answers and healing through visiting a vast array of sacred sites and learning from many wisdom keepers and influential teachers across the world. Yves’s mission in life is to be a purpose-driven guide offering his healing gifts in service to others in order to reconnect them their deepest passion and true happiness. His mission combined with a vast amount of training and experience allows him to act as a soul-guide facilitating clients back to their own purpose and a deeper connection to life. He is also the author of Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life’s Purpose and a co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Inspired by the Passion Test. He also contributed a chapter to the book Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human by Kiara Windrider. Yves is passionate about supporting people in transcending their limitations, creating new possibilities and transforming their challenges into freedom. Having overcome many life obstacles himself, he truly understands the power of forgiveness and gratitude and believes that when we focus on the heart’s desires and intentions, we can create miracles. Yves is dedicated to helping people discover their unique gifts and live a purposeful life with clarity, vitality, joy, love and abundance.

Lasse deine innere Sonne strahlen und komme an die Lebenskraft Messe in Zürich!

Etwas, woran ich in den letzten Wochen und besonders während der Herbst-Tagundnachtgleiche am 23. September erinnert wurde, ist, dass wir darauf vertrauen können, dass unser innerer Kern immer hell strahlt, auch wenn wir ihn nicht immer vollständig sehen können.

Lasse deine innere Sonne strahlen und komme an die Lebenskraft Messe in Zürich!2022-10-04T15:02:12-07:00

Wie du dich auf deinen Nordstern ausrichtest

Da die Pandemie immer noch so viele Menschenleben, Unternehmen und unsere Gesellschaft als Ganzes in beispiellosem Ausmaß beeinflusst, scheint es zusammen mit ständigen Konflikten und verschiedenen Störungen in unserer Welt, ein entfernter Traum zu sein, zu dem zurückzukehren, was wir einst für normal hielten.

Wie du dich auf deinen Nordstern ausrichtest2021-01-30T20:01:48-08:00