About Eunjung Choi

Gifted Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor & Energy Worker

Eunjung's Life is Committed to Awakening Global Consciousness!

Eunjung Choi is a gifted, intuitive, spiritual advisor and sacred journey consultant and facilitator. Originally from South Korea, she moved to the US in 1992 to earn her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and another master’s degree in simultaneous interpretation between Korean and English.

Eunjung Choi. Gifted, Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor and Energy Worker. Eunjung's Life is Committed to Awakening Global Consciousness!

Her life changed in 2000 when she first experienced energy work and discovered she had clairvoyant abilities and an ability to interact with the spiritual realms on a conscious level. For the entire year of 2002, she was initiated in a 5000-year-old ancient and powerful Korean energy work tradition, which further activated her healing gifts.

Eunjung (meaning ‘Blessed Serenity’ in Korean) augmented her natural intuitive and clairvoyant abilities with extensive training in various modalities of energy healing and intuitive work. She is also a Discover the Gift global lead trainer, Certified Passion Test facilitator, Angel Therapist, Akashic Field Therapy facilitator and Ilahinoor trainer.

For over 15 years, she’s been helping people open their hearts and inner vision to connect with unseen realms of divine guidance and magic and to activate their true power of imagination and creation. Her mission in life is to empower people to lead their life as creators and to assist in personal and global awakening in consciousness.

Through countless ceremonies and activations at sacred sites around the world, Eunjung developed her own powerful blend of transformative energy work that encompasses channeling, light body activation and integration, light language, connecting with the spiritual realms, nature magic, Akashic field work, planetary healing and more.

As a passionate, seasoned world traveler with a big heart for peace and harmony on the planet, Eunjung has traveled to 40-plus countries and has facilitated many workshops and retreats. She has led clients from all walks of life through sacred journeys to help them reconnect with their spiritual source and highest visions and to create their magnificent life from that space of magic and inner power.

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