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The manuscript for my upcoming book ‘Hawaiian Rebirth  7 questions and 12 steps to find your life purpose and fulfill your destiny’ has been completed. It will be available in English and German language in autumn 2018. My publisher is

I am now a co-author of the book ‘Inspired by the Passion Test’ and a contributor of a chapter in the book ‘Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human’ by Kiara Windrider. In addition to sharing my experiences during my journeys, my upcoming book and guest chapters in other books contain a wide range of transformational wisdom, tools and techniques that you can apply to your daily life and share with others.

I feel committed to share that we can always make a different choice and start a new path. I know that it is possible – because I have done it myself. I told stories of my journey to many people I have met. Inspired by my stories, they encouraged me to share my experiences with much bigger audience.

I want to give hope and inspiration to everyone who goes through difficult times and experiences similar to what I went through. I want to show readers what is possible in terms of aligning their life to their highest vision as well as providing encouragement and empowerment.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in using one of my writings or pictures for your online or offline publications.