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„It was a big honor for me to have met two such wonderful people like you. I experienced you as very present, grounded, loving, authentic personalities, who are centered within themselves. I could strongly feel how you follow your path with an irresistible conscious life-force, which comes deep out of your divine center. I was already aware during the workshop about the density of the program and afterwards I realized even more, what you were sharing. I have found again at your workshop so much of what I have encountered so far from all over the world and from various spiritual cultures. Sometimes in only one word, in a hint or just the way you were acting, and once more everything merged piece by piece in a harmonious way, because I already was in touch with what you shared in some way. Only Ilahinoor is a new experience for me. The truly deep truths always lead together to a new point. I found the combination of the workshop contents interesting and useful. Regarding your seminar I could continuously feel something to reflect about, through experiences in my daily life, or simply when I think about. The music of the CD, with the soundtrack of the movie, is guiding me and deepens the experiences I had with you in my sub-conscious. Also the breathing technique and visualizations are helping me, I really like them. I already learned some techniques for a more conscious communication from different sides. It was interesting and helpful, to hear about this topic from your side. For your continuous journey I am wishing you much light and love and many wonderful encounters – You are the gift!” (Rosa S. / Vienna, Austria) 

“It was beyond my imagination. I learned more than 10, it’s like a 100. I wanted to learn 10, but it was beyond. I received so much healing energy and had a deep relaxation doing the Ilahinoor. I felt love, blessing, and awakening. It is still working, I feel the vibration here. I am so happy to connect to all the invisible spirits that are all around here. Like a unicorn, a dolphin, blue birds, angels, fairies. It was like a playground, I feel like being a child, it’s like joining my favorite picture. I felt so much freedom, especially at the end of the Ilahinoor, when you brought in the condor. Because for my product and my business the icon of the product is the eagle. We all would like to have freedom, spiritual freedom, financial freedom, time freedom. That’s what I want. So I felt everything is connecting, the reason why you are here in Tokyo, and the reason why we met in San Diego, it was necessary for me to learn about healing. I have done Reiki before. But I didn’t understand deeply, I actually misunderstood a lot. It’s like I had doubts if it works, I got suspicious. But now I deeply understand. Ilahinoor is so light, graceful, awakening. I feel very comfortable after a really long workshop. I don’t feel tired, it’s like the opposite. This morning when the workshop started, I felt uncomfortable, like an unstable feeling. I was a little bit scared what would happen to me. But now I feel very confident and happy, I feel like being myself, natural and without any effort to be myself. That was my intention for today, so thank you for coming here.” (Kaori I., Tokyo / Japan)

“I am the owner of a small yoga studio in Quito (Ecuador). I have been renting this beautiful studio for two years. The owners are a 70 years old lady and a 85 years old man. The man had cancer, diabetes; and two months ago, he had an accident and broke his leg and hip. His wife broke her arm the same day in a different accident. She used to take care of him and it was very hard to her, physically and emotionally. After the surgery of his leg, the condition of the old man became even worse, he couldn´t talk and go to the bathroom on his own or even walk anymore. He and his family were suffering a lot. In the yoga studio, we have been preparing a meditation with Eunjung and Yves for Saturday, March 2nd 2013. Fourteen people met at the studio that evening, we practiced meditation and the Ilahinoor healing technique until 9:30 pm that night. 2 days later, on Monday morning, the boyfriend of the daughter of the old man, called me and told me the old man has died. I told him: “I am so sorry about your loss, at least we could practice a meditation Saturday night to fill the house with light”. He told me:” Yes, we could feet it, it was so strong”. I first was very worried about it, I didn’t know if it was positive or negative, because they don’t meditate, practice yoga or anything similar. I asked him: “What did you feel?” and he replied: “We felt a lot of peace, a lot of love,it was very beautiful and powerful”. After that night the old man passed away. Since this event, the family has peace again, it was a beautiful and peaceful transition. This truly is an amazing life experience for me.” (Margarita O., Quito / Ecuador)

“For me the value of this workshop is a 10 out of 10. Because I feel what I do – the Ilahinoor, for myself and on myself – makes me feel very grounded. I am extraordinary secure. Throughout this workshop I increased my confidence to a really high extent. I started this workshop with my intention to get rid of fear, and everything I learned and practiced has helped me a lot today. Also the beauty of the Ilahinoor is that it is very simple and easy to remember. I don’t have to do all the 8 steps, I can just do one of the steps 2 times, or you can do 3 of the steps 5 times. That is something I find very appealing, because these are techniques that are working for people are simple. At the same time I think that the way to get this kind of awakening, there are so many ways and techniques, and it seems to me that there is almost one technique per person. Because everybody has their own soul, their own brain. There are mainstream techniques, but you can get most out of your own search, and when you are able to pick something from here and something from there. The way these techniques are being taught is maybe different, but at the end of the day there is a core, a truth in all the techniques that are being shared. And when you are able to relate to many techniques, you are more likely to succeed in your search for awakening, peace, happiness and harmony in yourself. So I am really very pleased with all the things that you have done here today. I am very very happy that you came here.” (Jens-Simon U., Tokyo / Japan)

“I would like to thank two wonderful souls Eunjung and Yves who shared a few days with me over the equinox, this time of balance. During their stay they opened my eyes to new realms of possibility and reminded me of truths I had forgotten. When Eunjung sings her language of light, her voice transports to a place where you can release the sadness, remember the joy of being and explore entirely new dimensions. Her whole spirit exudes the energy of the fairy kingdoms and of unconditional love. The stories and the love the couple share is inspiring and Yves tells them with with a heartfelt simplicity that can bring even the most hardened soul back to truth. I am so grateful to have had their lives touch mine. Every day since Eunjung and Yves left I have been asking what is my gift for today as well as what is my special gift to share with the world. These are the questions that bring us back to sanity central, where we can sit still and remember for a moment how wonderful life is. Humans are endogenous – we have it all within – we just forget about that. So not only am I remembering that I already have freedom, joy and love but so does this land. This is my unilateral declaration of Independence – what is yours?” (Vicky R., Aboyne / Scotland) 

“What an amazing beautiful workshop with Eunjung & Yves and the lovely participants! I learned so helpful and touching tools, guided by dolphins and whales, spirits, gods and goddesses, ancient Egypt, Hawaiian and Amazon Shamans wisdom. I experienced, practiced and integrated unbelievable Healing-Tools, got such important information about spiritual psychology and much more, I feel so happy and blessed! I am so grateful for this wonderful weekend, the wonderful lovely people with open hearts and honest words. I love the teachings, the amazing meditations and especially the amazing tool Ilahinoor. Love for the guidance from my two power-animals which showed up at this weekend, the queen of heaven and the pyramid of light, and all the other Spirits, which and who joined us and offered their support… Thank you so much Eunjung & Yves” (Roxanna Y., Vienna / Austria)

“A very powerful day. I was in bliss sharing the beautiful energy that was weaved by our collective hearts. Thank you Yves for sharing your healing journey and the gift of Ilahinoor. Eunjung you are a beautiful channel that brings in such powerful and clear energies. It was a joy and honor to have been part of this soul journey you and Yves created, along with the sound mastery of Edilma and Alfonso. I am still vibrating in this new frequency we opened to. I feel so much love and hope for our planet when I see so many coming together to anchor the new earth energies in our beloved planet Gaia. Much gratitude goes out to all that do such work. Namaste.” (Leti S., Irvine / USA)

“Before I started this class, I didn’t think and couldn’t believe that we can learn it in only 4 – 5 hours. But now after the workshop I can say that this is a very powerful tool and technique. It is very simple, but very valuable and awesome. It’s unbelievable and incredible. Ilahinoor is very good as a system itself, but also your voice is amazing. You have a very very high level energy for the healing. You are healing through your voice, so I recommend you can also start working as a voice healer. And I feel after this workshop we can now use cosmic energy and earth energy more simple and easy. Thank you very much.” (Sophia S., Tokyo / Japan) 

“Thank you for this wonderful and energetic dance floor night at the Celestine Summer Camp. After so many years, a vision came into manifestation to me: to dance in this wonderful pyramid room !!! Including this amazing initiated amazing sky of stars.  Never before in my whole life, I felt so young and timeless in the same moment !!! And now you are gifting me as well additional with your music … it equates exactly to my wavelength, to my energy I wish very much that Yves & Eunjung would visit again to share such high energy and invite us to live it out, in a pyramidal way, so to speak. I thank you with the twinkle of my eyes and the warmth of my heart !!!” (Wilfried W., Wangen im Allgäu / Germany)

“First of all you said life is moving like waves. It’s coming positive and next time negative. Now I feel confident to teach this to another person and I don’t feel struggling from my negative thinking and my doubts if I am good enough to teach. This process is very useful for me. I learned many healing styles already before, but I felt that this healing technique is very simple, which gives me the confidence to share it with others. It is my favorite healing system now. I like it very much that it is not so strict like other modalities and that I can either do the complete process or just choose some elements out of it. It’s very flexible and very easy.” (Linda A., Tokyo / Japan)

“Thank you the opportunity to learn and translate this very very important and very very good system of Ilhainoor. I am very grateful because I learned many things. When I first heard the word Ilahinoor I was wondering what does it mean and I consulted a dictionary and it does not appear. Now I understand much more than the name itself. It’s a very good process and I really appreciate that you gave me this great opportunity to learn many things. And I want to learn this technique more deeply and I also want to understand myself more. Although I think I am not as sensitive as many other people I could enjoy this workshop very much.” (Toru L., Tokyo / Japan) 

“I am so grateful! Thank you for being, thank you for sharing your gift, thank you for sharing your words about your gift, thank you for all of your inspirations! It is so beautiful to meet two people who really live love beyond boundaries and I´m grateful to be one of those who could feel your ocean of love that expands into the world. Thank you for your beautiful meditation Eunjung and thank you Yves for your story about the dogs dolphin and muffin you met in Thailand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” (Constanze S., Vienna / Austria)

“Big thank you to Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager (DJ Solar Dragon) for presenting the Denver premiere of “Discover the Gift.” Everyone connected to it, appreciating by the applause and many teary eyes. Also the discussion after, followed by the meditation and music set, made this evening a most memorable experience. Look forward to seeing you both later in the year after your travels. Thanks to everyone who came, old friends and new.” (Barry R., Denver / USA)

„We met today during the BeMovie evening and I would like to thank you a lot from my heart! For your courage to open to life and to go out to the world and to spread the message of love! Thank you! I would like to learn more about the planed retreat on Kaua’i and ask you to send me more information, as soon you can share more with me about it. It would make me so happy to be part of it! So much love, a lot of joy in Vienna and during your journeys!” (Michaela S., Vienna / Austria)

“This was an amazing workshop with amazing people! Yves thank you soooo much for showing us the way, still feeling the abundance of love that was shared… Thank you Yves, and to all the others! It was amazing! Still feeling it too… The technique is truly powerful. I did it today as well, after I woke up, followed by meditation. Very powerful, direct connection, almost with no mind chatter…” (several participants from the Ilahinoor Workshop on Cyprus)

“What an absolutely beautiful afternoon, my heart was wide open. The channeling was so powerful and the crystal bowls were just so divine. Thank you so much Eunjung, Taj, Yves and Mark, you are all so beautiful, thank you for holding such a wonderful event in such a heart centered way, working together in collaboration, the new Earth was right there in the room.” (Vaz S. & Carly G., London / UK) 

“Thank you for bring in the light, masters and all spirits etc., wow! Truly a world class presentation. A great future awaits you both. The energy was so high most people were knocked out. I felt everything. There was so much there to take in. I hope you settle or come back to Maui. Thank you for sharing your gifts and abilities. Aloha, love and light, we are together in council.” (Steve L., Maui / USA)

“I am still buzzing from an amazing “Opening Paradise Within” event last night. I had an amazing and transformational evening with Eunjung and Yves and was transformed to other realms during their activation! They are both truly gifted & aligned in healing others and the planet.” (Valerie E., Long Beach / USA)

“Dear Yves, we would like to thank you for the beautiful and impressive yesterday’s evening. You created it in a very good way. The 11 Steps for fulfilling wishes is the most profound, I have ever heard in this field. Amazing. If you have a copy of it, I would like to receive it with pleasure. With sincere wishes and a lot of success to you.” (Kaspar S., Thun / Switzerland)

“Aloha, the workshop experience was the best experience of my life, the changes are already happening, the love is right in front of me and I also receive many images in this moment. I love you and thank you for everything. You are angels in our world! Much love.“ (Sonia A., Cascais, Portugal) 

“There’s a ripple in my Reality” . . . There are no words in the English language to describe the powerful field and healing and activation we received on 12/2, Sunday evening led by Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager. In love and gratitude.” (Dianne F., Denver / USA)

“Thank you Jason & Yves for an incredible night of magical music! (And Eunjung of course for the always amazing light language). You are a dynamic duo of Spirit that everyone needs to see, hear and feel in their souls!” (Eden C., Laguna Beach / USA)

“It was wonderful to experience you (Yves) in such a loving, attentive and present way with your partner (Eunjung) at the Celestine Summercamp. To me, it’s like you both were created for each other, I loved it very much.” (Michaela B., Rossdorf / Germany)

“Wow a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, connecting with beautiful openhearted souls a very magical powerful activation, loved the light language and being bathed in the healing soothing sounds of the crystal bowls.” (Tonia W., London)

“Wow what a wonderful experience, absolutely loved it, the meditation and the crystal bowls were amazing.. can’t wait to go to Hawaii - thank you Eunjung, Yves and Taj.” (Pam, London / UK) 

“I truly enjoyed been part of the healing ceremony in Ojai, you have a gift to share with humanity. My heart felt at total ease.” (Edilma A., Laguna Beach / USA)

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An interview with Guytane Guedikian (Founder of Gaia Wellness Center in Larnaca / Cyprus):

1) How was your experience, what did you receive and perceive?

“It is almost like you were missing something in life – you don’t know what it is – and then you just get it. It was very powerful and at the same time it felt I already know it. It wasn’t something new, but it was a reminder of something I already know. I was always looking for it and now I feel more peace and I feel more balanced. I know I found it but I still don’t know what I found. I got reminded of a power and an energy I have, so it is a more complete version of me now. I had many synchronicities in my life with the things you mentioned during the workshop, so it was perfect. It triggers a memory, we all have done it before.”

2) How did you like the first part, when I shared about my journey and the background of the energy?

“That part was important because it makes the whole thing more complete. Instead of just having something which is practical: just practicing and that’s it. It made me trust you as the facilitator more, because when you open and share your story with us, we have a connection with you too. And that helps us to get even deeper in the practice. I was actually FEELING what you was talking about. You are creating a space, it is like a meditation actually.”

3) What do you personally think about the influence of the dolphins and whales to Ilahinoor?

“In the beginning the sounds of the dolphins and whales felt more like a distraction to me. But as I got deeper and deeper into the energy or into the field, I heard the dolphins saying “I love you” – all the time in the background. You can only understand the dolphin communication when you are in a deeper level. I know why you put this music: because it’s a love energy.”

4) Is it for you equal to give and to receive it or is it somehow different for you?

“I found the giving more powerful for me. Because there comes a point when you do this “column of light”, and this is a very intense and powerful experience. Receiving is more like a healing. And the giving is more like a connecting to a higher source. When you give it, you are more becoming like a channel.”

5) How were your experiences in sharing Ilahinoor after the workshop?

“I didn’t actually asked the people, but they called me the next day after the workshop. Everyone was asking me about if I know someone who can support them as a healer. So I shared with them I just learned something and then I did it with great results on several levels: physical, emotional, relationships. Everyone had really deep experiences, like going to deep meditation and seeing colors etc. Everybody feels it’s something they know, but they don’t know what happened to them. Some people took a long time to come back as well.”

6) You said the Gaia Wellness Center is built on a very special place? What is this place here about?

“A lady discovered that there is a very powerful Egyptian connection here. This part of the island of Cyprus did belong to Egypt before. When I originally got the center, I was upstairs in meditation. And then I saw an Egyptian goddess (I don’t know her name). This was actually before the lady shared the information with me. It used to be an Egyptian shrine. And it’s geographically (through the Ley Lines) connected to the North of Cyprus and it also goes to the Troodos mountains. After that I also had many people who started bringing me gifts, but they were all of Egyptian origin: like paintings, hand-drawings. And later I even had a guy coming for a workshop telling me that he was born in Egypt and that he never before told that to someone. So this place truly has a very powerful Egyptian connection. When I received the Ilahinoor transmission from you for the first time, I was 100 % sure, that this has been done in this building before. It has been used to initiate people here before.”

7) How do you feel about that I offered the workshop for free? Also if you compare this to the way other healing workshops or systems are set up?

“When you tell people it is for free, it is in general hard for them to trust. It’s almost if you give something to people for free, they don’t accept it anymore. When I explain that it is not like another healing technique but something that we already know and that we own, then they kind of start to understand. But they truly only understand it, after they experienced the energy, because it feels so good. It’s such a simple thing and you can help so many people with it.”

8 Is there anything you would like to share about my person?

“When you first came to the center, you kind of had an idea why you came here, but to me it felt you was not 100 % sure yet. I think that first day we met it was meant to be that it was just with me. It is very unusual that we have communication problems with someone coming offering a workshop, but in this case to me it seems it needed to be exactly like that. I am very honest about stuff, and I am not someone who promotes workshops for the money. As the guide of the group I perceived you as someone who knew what to do, you knew your role. You did a great job and it was a great group.”

9) Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Most of the people of the group we had are some of the core volunteers. It is great to know now about Ilahinoor, because I was looking for something to connect all the volunteers who work at the center. This is a perfect thing and we can always do it once a week when we meet, also to create a weekly Ilahinoor evening for the community. I would like to thank you, it is great to having you here. And we would like that you would come back in the near future.”