Testimonials for Private Sessions


“I first heard about spiritual healing from a close friend about two years ago. At the time, I was going through a rough time in my life and decided to give it a try with an unknown spiritual healer recommended to me by my friend. Even though it was an interesting experience, I did not feel much different afterwards and figured that maybe it just wasn’t for me or maybe it was not all that people claimed it to be. About two weeks ago, I was preparing for a very important interview in the mist of another difficult time in my life. I was trying to do everything I could to tune out all the negative things I was dealing with and still found myself in a dark and confusing place, which was preventing me from staying focused. Despite my skepticism from my previous spiritual healing experience, I decided to give it another chance with Eunjung and Yves. Despite their very busy schedules, Eunjung and Yves were able to schedule a last minute session with me. Thanks to their positive influence, I did great on my interview and was offered the job, but that accomplishment is almost insignificant compared to the overall personal and emotional results I gained from this session. It is hard to put into words how I felt after spending an hour and half with them because it was a combination of so many positive things. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders; I felt more confident and strong; I experienced a clarity and comfort within myself that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. This one session helped me see some of my inner struggles that have been preventing me from living life to the fullest and it also gave me the foundation onto which I can build upon to be a stronger, more confident and happier person. Even though one session is not enough to completely transform someone, it exceeded all my expectations and got rid of any skepticism I had towards spiritual healing. Before this session, I heard and read that Eunjung and Yves have a spiritual healing “gift” and I never understood what that meant. I completely understand now. Through this “gift”, as well as their sincere compassion, positive strength and knowledge, they were able to connect with me on a completely different level to help me realize things I would have never been able to on my own, as well as guide me in the right direction. Since I did not have such positive results with the first spiritual healer I went to two years ago, that just goes to show that Eunjung and Yves truly have a gift (that unfortunately not everyone is blessed with) and they use it every day to help individuals all over the world, one person at a time. I am now a strong believer in the practice of spiritual healing and I would strongly recommend Eunjung and Yves to anyone that is going through a rough time or to someone that is completely content with their life because you would be surprised at what you could discover within yourself through their gift of spiritual healing.” (Mary B., Denver, USA)

“My two coaching sessions with Yves were powerful and immediately applicable to my life. I am so ready for creating the life I’ve always known I am supposed to live by getting my dreams out into the world. Moving out of my head and into my heart for the answers and direction I needed in order to live a fulfilling life! I also am aware that it requires change on many subconscious levels. Change can always be difficult to initiate on your own, so I am thankful that the Universe led me to work with Yves at this time. It really set my heart into alignment with my desires and passions which I wasn’t aware that I was making so many choices against my heart until I really took an honest look at my life. Yves has such a purity and eagerness to bring out others’ inner truth. He has been through his own powerful heart seeking journey and living it. These are the best kinds of teachers in my opinion. Those who live their message. It was very refreshing to have him so kindly encourage me to ask questions and very clear about instructions and what’s behind the exercises. I learned so much in a short amount of time. I would recommend his work to anyone who is having any doubts at all as to why they haven’t started their heart based business. His coaching can assist the beginner as well as the advanced spiritual student because we all need a little adjustment in perception sometimes and Yves has a gift with that. Just that little shift really started me on a transforming journey that has already been attracting miracles that are aligned with what I love. Yves and Eunjung are living miracles who walk together as beautiful Angels to assist others into sharing their gifts with the world. You will be blessed and your life will change, so you’d better be ready to take off immediately. My life has been non-stop changes since I began working with Yves and having a great adventure. Far exceeded my imagination and expectations with a treasure trove of tools and support to move you to the next level of your highest and best to live and become the greatest version of yourself and live from the heart. It’s why we’re here and Yves and Eunjung have this beautiful mastery and heart to assist others on their sacred journeys.” (Landa C., Los Angeles / USA) 

“Since the time of my healing with Yves, I noticed much less resistance on my part to look at issues that, when brought to me in the past, I met with excuses. I saw one of my biggest issues very clearly, namely how I sabotage myself and make things much more complicated than they need to be. All of a sudden I saw it so clearly and didn’t feel the need to make up an excuse as to why it wasn’t my fault that it worked out the ways that it did. I have also noticed that I am considerably less negative since the healing. In fact, I now have pervasive feeling that things have “turned the corner” and will begin to get better, even though nothing is different right now. Even my wife commented that I seem different. It is now harder to get me down. It used to be that every little thing made me give up and feel hopeless. Now, even with setbacks, I feel that things can be better. I have also noticed that the amount of overwhelm under which I operate has either been lessened or it doesn’t have quite the same paralyzing effect as it once did. Everything seems a little bit easier to do and complete. And I find myself having some productive days, which I almost never seemed to have in the past. Perhaps the biggest gift of the healing was the opportunity to interact with Little Brian, my inner wounded child. When we did the whales and dolphin journey, he appeared and was having an enormously fun time. I was able to connect with him in a way that I never had been able to before the healing. I am greatly appreciative of the gift of the healing work that Yves guides and channels.” (Brian M., Kauai / USA)

“People asked me to help Bella, because I have a unique connection with dogs and I work energetically. Bella’s situation was very critical, she almost died. She stopped eating and couldn’t almost move anymore, her whole system was collapsed. The circumstances with her owner family were very difficult. Then I was thinking about you. At once you started working with her, she started to eat again, the dog can’t be recognized anymore now after only one week. Bella is not yet completely healthy, but she is again a playful dog with more desire for life and being more in her power. Her whole environment got transformed. The family opened up more, has more joy with the dog and taking better care of her. They are also grateful that others are looking after Bella and start to open up to others. They are allowing more that Bella also spends time with others and my friend also faced her issues. I experienced through Bella how much it means to me, to simply be with her and to feel the unity with her, and I released insignificant issues permanently. Since I am in contact with Bella, I am following my heart more than my duties. Dear Yves, your support was so strongly felt, it opened hearts, we all are much more connected now and it is so wonderful to see how Bella is finding back to her true essence and her joy. She touched so many hearts, even the animal doctor is calling frequently and congratulated on her first birthday. Love flows. Your support is priceless, but I know that the “right reward” will flow back into your heart through life itself. I thank you in that sense.” (Barbara B., Zurich / Switzerland)

“For the first time in my life I was able to pin-point where I began to feel pain, blame and responsibility for things that weren’t mine. First I have seen a little girl at 8 years old in her room crying after her mom and dad fought horribly. I have never been able to see such a vivid memory. When everything silenced, I grabbed the hand of the little girl and walked into a field of daisies and spun round n round laughing like to old friends. I experienced some healing work and stood up shaky from the trauma leaving my body after a lifetime of carrying it, as Yves explained. I never felt so light in my life! My voice changed into softer and peaceful. My vision of myself isn’t hard anymore it is angelic in a sense. I feel floaty and in love like never before. It is me someone I lost long ago. I had the most wonderful New Years ever! My throat was really in need to be cleared kind like stuff was coming out.  I have been having visions of my childhood.  I feel like I can totally see people’s energy with no blocks not even having to look at them but just being near them.  I am aware more than ever how I treat people.  I feel softer and lighter whereas before I felt a little hardened from past pain that was embedded.  There are no words that can fully express my gratitude.  I thank the divine for charging me in such a way that I totally cleared my way to you with such urgency! I thank the great divine for sending the messenger through Yves! In deepest love and gratitude!” (Lotus A., Anaheim / USA)

„Dear Yves, the encounter with you will stay in my heart as a wonderful memory and revive over and over again in a very special and amazing way. Your words were already beneficial to me in many situations during the last few days, in a way to help me think positively. To experience the number 8 in my heart in golden, silver and rainbow colors triggers feelings within me filling me with positive thoughts and guiding me throughout the day and night. Even though the nights are still very short, there is an inner stillness finding its place now and this gives me a lot of joy. This affords me the power also to find something good in negative things, and to learn from it. Also my partner was very friendly to me during the last few days, even though he is still interacting very shortly with me, and I also haven’t experienced any aggressions or judgments from him anymore. I embrace this with gratitude and as a wonderful gift. I even congratulated him to his birthday with an honest inner happiness. I am happy to embrace every day as a wonderful challenge and with love, even though I am not able yet to fully enjoy this time. I have learnt not to give space to negative thoughts any longer, because the moments of the past can’t be changed anymore. I choose now to go through life with joy and to simply give thanks. I and my children would like to thank you whole-heartedly for our collaboration and the positive turn in my life. Thank you so so much for everything.” (Claudia K., Bern / Switzerland) 

“Many times I have received energetic work that feels like it moves too quickly, too superficially through the body. Then the body cannot process it. It feels overwhelming, scary, too much sensation and cannot be integrated. Yves work feels like it sinks into the physical body. It penetrates the physical body and goes deeply. It slows down because it penetrates and the body can process it, process the emotions and feelings that come up. Also I have had the experience, especially when people try to clear toxins, that the body contract, hardens, and burns. When Yves lifts toxins there is a feeling of lightness, a bit of softening, not so contracted. To me that was wonderful. For the first time in my life, I had the experience of believing I am good. Yves has cleared enough toxins for the truth to come through and the brain to have some clarity. And it is the quality of his work and the depth to which he has gone in himself.  Also the last work he did in person gave me the experience, on a feeling level of not being a victim. I have never had that experience before. Other people describe that and tell me I should do it, but Yves offered me the experience. I also feel his work offers an invitation to feel the parts of ourselves that split off. To me that is critical to healing. Thank you, Yves so much, I feel you have a gift, you are special, your work is beautiful and I very much appreciate it.” (Deirdre M., Kauai / USA)

“Almost a year ago I did a healing session it was on New Year’s Eve to be exact, with this soul family friend Yves who I met through a wonderful woman Eunjung. He posted on his Facebook free healings and in 3 minutes I responded because I knew that this was meant for me. We made arrangements for the time and when the time came I was like a child so scared yet excited. In the session I went through so many layers of emotions it was the most transformational experience I’ve ever had in my life. I was able to connect my pain and lost memories with colors and places within my soul. I also was able to find those memories never lost long ago, I found that little girl in that house we ran out into a field of beautiful daisies. In a single session I also learned to heal myself he taught me that I had the tools and to stop fearing my own gifts. When I stepped up on my two feet I felt like a new person I felt lighter relieved and free. On this journey I have learned so much and when I look back and realize how much I’ve changed from being open and honest with myself. Even just a few days ago I spoke about something I would never speak about before that experience so at this time I would like to say thank you my dear friends for playing a huge role in this experience and thank you divine universe for sending your messengers to me. My transformation and growth continues every day. My soul recognizes the gift you have given me now to give to others. Thank you seems so little for what happened that day. May you continue your journey and may we meet soon!” (Monique M., Anaheim / USA)

“Yves, the healing that you facilitated for me was truly remarkable. My shoulder is so much better. I know it is healed and just has some residual soreness when I overdo it. Before I saw you, I was waking up every couple of hours because it hurt so much in the night and I couldn’t find a position of comfort. Now I’m sleeping like a baby all night long, not waking up once with any pain. I’m so very grateful for that! It’s easy for me to go back into those healing realms of expansive Love-Light that your voice guided me into. I can sort of dissolve the physical into the Light and ask that it be rearranged in perfect health and harmony. Often I go to the Rainbow Tree of Light and sit under its canopy of brilliantly colored leaves and listen to the most exquisite melodies and harmonies. Each leaf is unique and somehow I know and love each one and each one loves me. Sometimes a soft breeze comes and my heart thrills from the sounds – pure, clear, refined bell-like sounds; with all the colors changing and morphing into each other. Amazing! My Snowy Owl ally is often with me, too. She watches over me and with her sharp beak is able to dislodge any cords that remain. May all the Angels in Heaven Bless and watch over you wherever you go! With Eternal Love and Appreciation.” (Mavani I., Mission Viejo / USA)

“First of all, I would like to say that you are amazing! I wasn’t aware of your energy when you came in July, since Eunjung was leading both workshops at that time, so I was a bit skeptical about you to be honest. Well, I must admit that your energy is very strong. I could experience this at the Ilahinoor workshop when you made the practice on me. You sent me into very deep states of stillness, something I can’t describe in words, but I’ll try… The experience was very very deep and strong, I felt like being somewhere else, somewhere more loving and peaceful. It felt like being surrounded by love. This energy was so strong, that I continue having it the next day as well. I woke up in this loving energy, feeling connected first to myself and then to everything around me. I made the Ilahinoor technique that morning with almost no mind chatter. As a healer, I find that you are enthusiastic and you really care about giving to the people in the workshop. The technique was easy to do, and very soon a loving atmosphere was created in the room that made everyone comfortable and open. I enjoy giving the technique as well as receiving it. It’s like giving and receiving love. What can be more beautiful that this?” (Evi I., Nicosia / Cyprus)

“I just have to tell you that the Soul Healing you did with me is miraculous! At times, I wondered if anything was happening or if my prayers were getting through. But I just kept on praying the World Prayer with faith in God’s timing. Then, yesterday my son Randy and I met up and we had the BEST talk and Heart Connection that we’ve had for years! I’m so happy I could jump up and down and do cartwheels!!!  Randy invited me to a lovely French restaurant – we ate great food and talked about all kinds of things from early childhood memories to the latest happenings with our lives. It was wonderful, and I’m so grateful and relieved. Thank you ever so much for suggesting the Soul Healing to me. There’s a huge amount of Peace present with me now and also with him. Our relationship has deep roots of love. Thank you also for the meditation by the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal that you gifted us. It is powerful and full of the purity of your spiritual energy. It’s one of my favorites now. Also, the “Discover Your Life Purpose” series is absolutely wonderful and chock full of great practices. I’ve been enjoying reading them.” (Phyllis I., Laguna Beach / USA)

„Thank you so much for everything you gave me and the beautiful reverberations from our session! It is very precious for me to hold all of that “in my hands” and continue working with it inside of me in the coming times. I am sure that these healing impulses will be very helpful for me. Today’s encounter with you was really very beautiful to me. The openness, clarity, empathy and true warmth of your heart you were gifting me with touched me strongly and gave me the feeling to be “at the right place” and in “good hands”. I thank you wholeheartedly for your loving presence, which I perceived as so healing and also for the beautiful and pure radiance or your heart, which is illuminating and enriching this world…! Thank you for everything you gave to me today. I will care it in my heart as something very special and precious. This is for sure…! As promised it will be my pleasure to report you when something starts to move for me and new rooms will open. This is my hope and opening…! Just in the way I was reading it in the beginning of our session on the card with the deer. Thank you for everything… from my whole heart!” (Alina B., Basel / Switzerland)

“I’ve felt a lot different, emotionally speaking. I am not waking up in panic or anxiety as I was. Maybe once in a while, but it’s like the sadness is there, but I’m using the tools I know inside to shift it into continuing to fall in love with myself. I also am feeling more love than this feeling of helplessness. I don’t know if it was the clearing or if it’s everything I’ve been doing. The clearing and channeling honestly gave me hope, helped me remember who I am, helped me realign with what is really true. It makes me smile now to think that no matter what is going on “out there” I am always connected in love, regardless of the human form. That was so comforting for me and has helped me focus on myself in trust that things are working together for my good. I mentioned to a dear friend and colleague of mine about the work you both did; I told her of the technique you used. She is also very intuitive and has worked with energy herself with a particular guru in India. She said she was familiar with this work and that it is incredible. I am just so incredibly grateful for your gift, for Eunjung’s gift, and for opening my eyes to my own inner gifts.” (Savanna R., Denver / USA)

„Right now there are very ground-breaking changes. I have a much more relaxed sleep and I feel energized when I wake up in the morning. In general I have a positive attitude and this morning I had the genius idea that I would like to create something. This is a HUGE progress because before it was difficult for me to sense what I would like to do. What is really amazing is your technique for self-healing. I am “hammering” quite a lot in myself (I trust MYSELF and the flow of life/ I am ready for my dream apartment and my dream occupation / I love myself / money is flowing with abundance in my life – just to mention some examples). Generally I feel in this moment more as a creator and not as a victim anymore. I really found you very likeable and I REALLY enjoyed our session. The dolphin-music you played was absolutely amazing. I am greeting you with my heart and I look forward to hear / see you again. Much love.” (Anja W., Küssnacht, Switzerland)

“Aloha dear Yves. It’s incredible; I thank you so much! You are a wonderful human being! It was breathtaking! It felt and still feels incredibly amazing!Today I slept in and started my day very rejuvenated, it happened already at 6 am; I, who was struggling strongly to get up before 8 – 9 am during the past few weeks, it’s fantastic. I could fall asleep with the experiences from yesterday evening (I again went through my journey for a little bit) and this morning I again could get up with the same integrated experiences. Sometimes I ask myself, if everything really happened. Because it was / is so wonderful. I wish you all the best with your book, your healing and your work with Eunjung. Much love and inspiration for your journeys around the world. It’s so beautiful that you can share everything, your gift, to pass it down to others.“ (Laurence V., Freiburg / Switzerland) 

“I was lifting a heavy box about a week ago and I hurt my back. It was very difficult to move around and also I could not play golf anymore, which is my favorite sport. Yves gave me healing sessions for 3 days in a row of just about half an hour each. In the beginning, I didn’t really think it would heal my condition completely, but I like energy work. So I went ahead and received. Every time Yves worked on me it made me really relax and I slept much better afterwards. After our third session, the next morning when I was getting up, I realized my back was so much better and I did not have pain anymore. I was also able to start playing golf again. To me this is a miracle, and I highly recommend Yves for any healing needs. I cannot thank him enough for the healing I received and the miracle I experienced.” (Charles C., Busan / South Korea)

“On my run is where I get my Zen. Many thoughts flood through and I came to a realization… My 3rd eye is starting to open, I have clear images, and my amnesia is lifting. On 12/30/13 I surrendered myself to a healing and energy clearing. Since then I see I feel I taste I love and connect sooo much more deeply and intensely. I give my many hugs and kisses to the divine for sending me my messengers of love Yves & Eunjung for helping me with this. I couldn’t have asked for more loving and gentle people to help me breakthrough to freedom and embrace my gifts fully. Most important to break free from all the guilt, shame, hurt and pain I had carried for a lifetime. Sometimes you got to let go of what u knew to flow into what u don’t know. Rainbow blessing and angel kisses!” (Lotus A., Anaheim / USA)

“I thank you from my heart for the beautiful time and dedication that you put into those beautiful days during the soul and heart adventure on Kaua’i. The experience has been wonderful. Maybe one day we can talk about everything that I felt, everything I could sense and the visions I experienced when I started to integrate the energies during the last days of our journey. I feel very good, in every journey with you my body is altered. The same happened last year in Egypt and likewise it began even a few weeks before I arrived on Kaua’i. Well, that was the way for me, but now I understand many many things. To have you both in my life is really a blessing. Thank you again for your friendship, your love, dedication and patience. I remember my journey well, all the sites we visited were essential for me.” (Diego F., Quito / Ecuador) 

“This is to share my experiences in this 11:11 meditation from Nov. 11th, 2013. The first time was on the 15th on YouTube and I saw a hand showering violet flame and then I fell asleep. I felt I have to do more and repeated this morning (16th). With the ball of light in my hands I was a tornado hissing and my body was swaying left to right, my hands were numbed and really feeling the power of this light took 5 minutes. In grounding the rainbow light again my body move in going around movement and with the emerald crystal in the bottom of Mother Earth my body move up and down. The first night I fell asleep I was dreaming like there was some kind of planning, can remember all and am in a hurry now to do some errand. Thank you Eunjung and Yves for this is very powerful meditation.” (Tessie R., Sunrise / USA) 

“I had been going through a very deep and intense period of transformation and asked my angels and guides to bring forward anyone who would be helpful in my process. And there was Yves offering me a healing session, right on time! My session with Yves supported me in going even deeper into my process of releasing old patterns that were no longer needed. He held the space in a way that I felt safe, loved and nurtured. Near the end of our session, I could feel the old energy being released at a cellular level to the degree that my physical body was shaking. Yves allowed a safe space for me to move through a very intense release. I felt very light, peaceful and joyful at the end of our session. Yves is a very present and loving guide to help assist in the process of transformation.” (Dhyana D., Kauai, USA)

“Dear Eunjung and Yves, you have both been in my thoughts since our session last week. My thoughts have been of thanks and deep appreciation for you – each of you – your work, your gifts, the love you both spread and share, and the light you shine together. It is a light from within, the soulful intelligence, the caring hearts, the insight, the illumination, and the ability to offer guidance which you brought into the session was remarkable. I am working with the information you gave me, the images, and the connections. You were so right about the integrating piece. I have been trying for so long to bring that integration, or reintegration, into myself, even when I had no idea what I was doing except reacting. Thanks for the link. Very best in your travels and journey!” (Lisa W., Denver / USA)

“During our session, I felt your energy flowing through me. I had a feeling of calmness and security. After the session, I still felt the huge amount of energy which you gifted me with and stayed within me since our session. Through the Meniere’s Disease, for almost 1.5 years, I only had a hearing capacity of 10 percent on my left ear and after the session with you, Yves, I can completely hear again on the left side. Also the dizziness, which was caused by the Meniere’s Disease, became much less and much calmer. I thank Yves since I could have this wonderful experience during a session with him. I still have the warm fuzzy feeling and energy within me. I thank you for sharing your gifts and abilities.” (Annett R., Selmsdorf / Germany)

“It is as if our lives have been never touching except in spirit until now. The love, warmth and nurturing intimacy that both of you created tonight was brilliant. It is beyond that of any physical nature, existing in the soft glow of the here and now of oneness. The beauty of your teachings and experiences in Egypt left me and others breathless. Thank you for awakening my inner soul last night of an ancient time that I walked the valleys of Egypt; I had the most amazing dreams last night after your ceremony. No words can describe my gratitude and how I am amazed by both of you and your pure truth! You radiate magical ancient healing energies. Thank you Yves for your life changing flow of magnificence.”(Michael F., Morrison / USA)

“Thank you Eunjung and Yves, you are both magical beings bringing the light and joy to those who cross your path. Your light radiates out into the world and creates the harmony, unity and balance the people need during these volatile times of change, shifting and transformation. There is so much beauty in transformation and you light the dark path for others and bring joy to their hearts when they may have otherwise felt alone or isolated. Thank you for being part of the light beings for the ascension of this beautiful world and worlds we live between! Much love to you both and many blessings to you both walking on your path.” (Christina C., Denver / USA)

“My dog had a scratch on one of her paws and I was concerned that she might get an infection. The veterinarian told me that to heal such an injury, it takes at least two weeks. Also the information I found in the internet confirmed it. After I asked Yves for a distant healing (he was on Hawaii at that time), a healing miracle happened. Within only two days, I could remove the bandage from the affected area of my dog. The earlier red-fleshed skin got healed completely back to the original black skin. It truly was a miracle. Thank you so much, also in the name of my beloved dog” (Suzanne N., Oberhofen / Switzerland)

“Thank you! The session was quite helpful in resetting my energy and letting go of judgment. Yves thank you for the time and for making me work. It was hard, but necessary and I will probably have some questions at some point I did journal after our session! You helped me to come back to my self and intuition that I have been cultivating for years. But after this trauma it was like I’d never done it before. I’m so grateful and feel so blessed. Thank you for your love and support.” (Terri R., San Rafael / USA)

“I thank you for treating our dog. Yesterday morning I / we felt, that you were with Max! He reacted when your name was mentioned; his ears went up and he was seeking for eye contact. He was much better. For sure he opened his heart and also allowed your treatment to happen. I think otherwise he would not have reacted in such a positive way. When I now (today) mention your name, there is the same reaction. I will keep you updated about him. My family and I are truly grateful with our hearts, that you treated our beloved Max” (Torsten R., Selmsdorf / Germany)

“I thank you Yves for this beautiful and energetic evening workshop in the temple (of gifts). The guided meditation and the interaction we all had with each other was wonderful and impressive. The evening and the circle was full of energy. We were a wonderful group and there happened so much, I am sure for everyone of us. There was so much energy created, the introduction you did was very intense and I can take so much with me. I have felt and visualized a lot, and I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful evening.” (Verena H., Spiez / Switzerland).

“What an honor and privilege to be in the Presence of Yves! He is an authentic, gentle and loving Soul. When thinking about what I would write here, I felt a rush of Loving Energy flow to me. Yves is truly Living his Purpose here on earth and is an example and Blessing to all.  When in his energy, the feeling of Peace and Purity are bestowed upon you. Thank you, Yves for Blessing my life in countless ways through your Radiant Essence!” (Michelle A.,Coto de Caza / USA)

“Dear Yves, it is my pleasure to share with you that I feel very good, I am very calm and peaceful and in full presence and awareness. I always stayed in the now since your treatment, which empowered me very strongly. I am going on my journey with calmness and confidence, i still believe in a miracle. I thank you for everything you gifted me with and for the journey we had together. I let go and let god. I embrace you with my love.” (Kathrin T., Zurich / Switzerland)

“I listened several times to your meditations. THANK YOU so much. And I also would like to thank you Yves again for the inspiring talk I had with you by phone. This finally supported me very much, it’s like help for self-help. And I think it is important, that we take our own responsibility for being happy in our lives. I feel very well because I am allowed to learn a lot right now. I also like it very much that I am trying to mostly support myself and so far it works good.” (Laurence V., Bern / Switzerland)

“After having received a session with Yves, an expansive feeling carried throughout my body and within my internal expression of self. I felt a great sense of peace and harmony resonance inside. Also in the container I was supported in. The work he has to offer is a beautiful service for one’s personal journey and self- exploration into self.” (Ivon V., Kauai / USA)

“I thank you from my heart that you showed my the way to my spirituality. Through your support I know now how to prevent a looming burnout through integrating my spirituality into my daily life. I will recommend you from my heart to other people who need some help. And I really hope, that our ways will cross again one day.” (Werner B., Solothurn / Switzerland)

“After I met Bella, a miracle happened. Suddenly, already the very next day after I visited her, she was restored to her full dog power and transformed from a old sick dog in a young playful dog. I still don’t know why you told me in Thun I should visit Bella but I just followed the impulse and therefore she could receive and reach the energy she needed. Wonderful!” (Barbara B., Zurich / Schweiz) 

“Yves is a gifted healer who directs a clear flow of universal healing energy as light transmission through him with presence, compassion, acceptance, clarity, radiance and joy.  I felt a great sense of peace and well-being in receiving the gift of healing from this gentle, lovely, radiant man. Thank you, Yves!” (Janis P., Denver, USA)

“You are a truly radiant person and I am more than stoked to have you as a teacher and friend in the journey I have embarked upon I miss hearing your accent and your soft voice daily, every other day. I am glad that we have the tools we need in order to propel ourselves into the kingdoms we manifest for each other!” (David C., Kauai / USA)

“Yves has a beautiful way that held the space for me find my own answers. As part of our session, I felt higher guidance that I wrote down. The guidance proved helpful to me through many tough times, and even though I have moved a few times since, it still has a place on my wall.” (Adrienne M., Karlskrona / SWE)

“I have always experienced you as a very sincere and caring human being. The main thing that arises when I think of you is your loving, happy smiling face when you looked at me or I observed you looking at others. You always seemed to be very interested in matters of the heart and the evolution of our joyous quality of life.” (Lee J., Kauai / USA)

“Yves is from the stars, he shares amazing energies, taps into galactic energies that can shift you. In a loving way, with honor and respect and within complete gratitude. He clears out what is old and brings in what is the new (you)! He’s awesome! I love healing with him and the healing frequencies that Yves brings in!” (Deborah V., Denver / USA)

“I wanted to let you know that since you treated our dog Sheba our relationship has taken on a warmer, more loving and cooperative nature. It is like a barrier or estrangement has lifted. She still has delicate skin in the area you treated, but her coat has healed” (Gerry T., Pomona / USA)

“I felt very comfortable. You tried to understand what is going on within me and you gave me suggestions. You can really feel for people and animals. You are gifted with empathy. Yves is a very like-able and trustworthy person.” (Susanne M., Thun / Switzerland)

“Yves has a charismatic energy and is blessed as a healer. I was deeply moved by his focus on the issues, his blessings, his guided meditation and his healing hands” (Laurel F., Kauai / USA)

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