Testimonials for Passion Test

“My two coaching sessions with Yves were powerful and immediately applicable to my life. I am so ready for creating the life I’ve always known I am supposed to live by getting my dreams out into the world. Moving out of my head and into my heart for the answers and direction I needed in order to live a fulfilling life! I also am aware that it requires change on many subconscious levels. Change can always be difficult to initiate on your own, so I am thankful that the Universe led me to work with Yves at this time. It really set my heart into alignment with my desires and passions which I wasn’t aware that I was making so many choices against my heart until I really took an honest look at my life. Yves has such a purity and eagerness to bring out others’ inner truth. He has been through his own powerful heart seeking journey and living it. These are the best kinds of teachers in my opinion. Those who live their message. It was very refreshing to have him so kindly encourage me to ask questions and very clear about instructions and what’s behind the exercises. I learned so much in a short amount of time. I would recommend his work to anyone who is having any doubts at all as to why they haven’t started their heart based business. His coaching can assist the beginner as well as the advanced spiritual student because we all need a little adjustment in perception sometimes and Yves has a gift with that. Just that little shift really started me on a transforming journey that has already been attracting miracles that are aligned with what I love. Yves and Eunjung are living miracles who walk together as beautiful Angels to assist others into sharing their gifts with the world. You will be blessed and your life will change, so you’d better be ready to take off immediately. My life has been non-stop changes since I began working with Yves and having a great adventure. Far exceeded my imagination and expectations with a treasure trove of tools and support to move you to the next level of your highest and best to live and become the greatest version of yourself and live from the heart. It’s why we’re here and Yves and Eunjung have this beautiful mastery and heart to assist others on their sacred journeys.” (Landa C., Los Angeles / USA) 

“It has now been almost a month since we took Yves and Eunjung’s Passion Test Workshop here on Kauai and I can honestly say that our life has had a “jump start” over the past few weeks. I came to this workshop with an open heart and open mind; but most importantly with the Divine Intention to assist my focus and align with my higher self’s true purpose on this earth. I had been putting so much pressure on myself to be this or that and this workshop helped me unbelievably. To stop putting pressure on myself and just be. It is about allowing your divine purpose to unfold and be in the moment. I learned that when you are living a life passionately, nothing should feel forced you are excited to be doing exactly what you are doing wherever you are. So in the few weeks since the workshop I have allowed myself the space to be and observe what is happening and somehow we have recorded music videos and posted them online; created a band name; are offering our first ever Sacred Guided retreat ) in the heart of Colorado. Something we have been dreaming of doing for 5 years, and people have signed up and we have room for one more person. We also go on a mainland tour of live music (sacred sound) events. I say somehow because it felt like everything was creating itself because it was fun and joyful. On a spiritual level, I have shed many layers spiritually and emotionally, and I have gotten to know myself on a deeper level than I ever have before, which has really put into perspective my past behaviors /actions /choices, etc. I truly feel that Yves and Eunjung offered this workshop at the most divine moment (perfect time) in my life because I was truly ready to get to know myself and who I truly am. I had been running away from myself and my divine purpose for way too long. Thanks to you both for everything you are and what you are doing through living your passions. In return you are giving everyone who comes to your classes inspiration to live life to the fullest in a way they never thought possible.” (Carrie F., Kaua’i / USA) 

“Everyone got the gift of free will, therefore I experience myself many times having a lot of ideas, wishes and interests, in which I lost myself often and couldn’t move forward or I just put them superficially in some mental folders to take care of them at a later point. I found the instruction for the Passion Test very clear, understandable, exciting, and challenging in a positive way. Yves helped me to understand the tools and homework with so much joy that in addition to my passions I just found out, I became really enthusiastic about this process myself. I feel that this process is the most effective work for my daily life, and I never found something like this before. It is also way more than just a short term task; it is like a gift I can use forever to get myself back on track, to focus and to walk my very unique path of life based on a map created for this landscape. My imagination got opened and I am allowing myself to dream big, which helps me to continuously build my self-confidence, and this also increased the power of attraction related to my passions. Although I just started working with the process, I already recognize that we are all connected with each other. That is because when I can fulfill my passions I know that I did not work on them just by myself, but that Yves helped the doors open through these tools. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart!” (Judith W., Zurich / Switzerland) 

“I enjoyed the Passion Test Workshop very much. The material was clearly presented with humor and enthusiasm. The presenters were/are an excellent team; clearly, they loved what they were doing and their love of the material came through in their teaching. Any gaps in understanding were quickly alleviated and cleared through the patient guidance of the presenters. I would definitely recommend the Passion Test Workshop to anyone who is interested in enlivening their life and discovering new ways to enhance meaning and value to the life they are living. The biggest “aha” for me was the realization that what I thought were my most significant passions are not really quite as important as I thought. On the other hand, there were passions that I did not know were important that were actually quite important to me. This was very surprising and interesting, and left me with the desire to look more deeply into what I think is most significant in my life right now. Also, I am inspired to write more in my journal about what inspires me. I find that my passions actually change and what might be important to me at one time in my life becomes more important to me at other stages in my life.” (Richard D., Kaua’i / USA)

“The Passion Test Alchemy Workshop was truly inspiring and presented crystal clear. I walk out of here with a set of wonderful and effective tools for the materialization of my dreams. I have a good input, and a strong kick-start to now pursue them. This is up to me, and no one else. What I enjoyed most were the positive vibrations and inspiration. I feel I have received more input than during my 10 day NLP practitioner training. The Passion Test is an amazing tool and I do feel more clarity. I received good value for the price you offered. The biggest take-away lesson for me is that everything is in front of me, already there. It’s a matter of getting inspiration for a change of perspective that enables me to transform my resources.” (Melissa H., Madrid / Spain)

“What I enjoyed the most is the clarity of seeing my passions and how I can become much more focused and fulfilled by living in alignment with them. The workshop was presented clearly and I was engaged in the process. I really liked the practice session when we were paired off to help each other learn the process was especially helpful. My biggest insight is that I’m not focusing on my passions and needs and wow! So, these are my passions! No wonder I’m struggling. Everyone should take time to discover their passions so as to better live their lives and to be happy. A must if we want going to achieve our goals in life!” (Gary R., Pacific Grove / USA)

“I have been part of the Passion Test family since 2011. Here I am in February of 2016, I went through the Passion Test for Business with Yves. It has been the most powerful experience in doing the Passion Test that I have had up to this point. Yves was very supportive, he was clear, and helped me to recognize there is so much more that I can access just in asking more powerful questions. And I am committed to learning how to teach myself more powerful questions for more powerful answers. The experience has been profound and I am very grateful. (Marion L., New York / USA)

“I had another opportunity to get even more clear about my innermost things, this gifts me with immense inner contentment and joy. This simple process will help many people to rediscover their innermost passions.The process was very well structured because it was shared in two parts and it also included a final Email with follow up instructions. Because it does not take a lot of time, I can recommend the Passion Test to everyone. If many would do this based on honest intentions, we would have very soon so many happy people and therefore a more peaceful world together. Allow it yourself, thank you very much! (Michael T., Bern / Switzerland)  

“It was great to realize where my path really is. It was hard for me to see how far I am away from living my passions, however I now have the tools to get more aligned with them. It was like looking at the mirrow without mask, and see myself how exactly I am now, and not what I think I was. I could look at myself from a different (REAL) way, and then I realized where I really am and where I want to go. Thanks to you and the Passion Test my healing center is almost ready now. Thank you for opening my eyes.” (Diego F., Quito / Ecuador) 

“I love the systematic approach that supports clarity. It is simple, concise and effective. I really liked the use of the second question when discerning which order the passions should be determined, imagining one without the other. I highly recommend this effective, concise approach to understanding our desires and the systematic instruction on how to put these passions into practice. I am very grateful for this work and these particular practitioners Yves and Eunjung.” (Anama L., Denver / USA)

“The Passion Test is the key that unlocks my heart’s desires. If you absolutely want to clarify the design for your life, I highly recommend Eunjung, Yves and the passion test. I was able to prioritize my passions today! It was eye-opening! The presentation was clear and I engaged completely. It didn’t seem like 4 hours. You are both very passionate. Every choice I make leads me towards my passions!” (Steve M., Arvada / USA)

“What I enjoyed most about the Passion Test was getting the tools to create a new life. I thought everything was wonderful. Maybe you guys can run through the test with each of us, in a small group. The biggest take away lesson was the principle of “No-Tension” and how I can apply it to my daily life. What an incredible way to get the tools for creating your up-most passionate life with integrity and focus.” (Deborah M., Arvada / USA) 

“The workshop was just perfectly presented and I was engaged. My biggest Aha-Moment was that the order of important passions changed. I found that what I thought was most important fell to the bottom of the list and you can achieve your passions and dreams with very simple tools, and validate your progress.” (Carol R., Loveland / USA)

“The presentation was very clear. I truly enjoyed the presentation. I didn’t even realize we were here as long as we were. What I liked the most is that I could have clarity. It didn’t take long to realize my passions once we worked on the Passion Play test!” (Dolly T., Arvada / USA)

“The workshop was clearly presented and I was engaged, however it took a little too long. My biggest take away lesson is to not let passions conflict each other and that everything is in mind. Eunjung and Yves are passionate!” (Jieun S., San Jose / USA)

“We gathered tonight at our retreat and we shared with friends how much your Passion Test Workshop on Kaua’i changed our lives! It’s simply awesome on so many levels!” (Michael P., Kaua’i / USA)