About Me

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I am an author, transformational guide, healing facilitator, life coach, and animal care taker. I love diversity, innovation and uniqueness. I love to dream awake and I am a lover of life. Through my own trials and triumphs in life, I am now sharing my journey and everything I gained from it with the world.

Born in Switzerland in 1976, as far as I remember when I grew up, I felt uncomfortable and restless as I did not feel to belong or to fit into the environment I was living in. Since my early childhood, I always exuded a sense of softness in a society where the strong masculine energy, effort and mind-skills were more honored than feelings and compassion.

I was struggling hard with that energy of imbalance. Blessed with growing up by living very close to the forests, I connected powerfully with nature elements and animals. The deepest love shared was always with the animals, I felt that only animals could feel how I was really feeling and what I was going through.

Quickly I learned how to suppress my sensitivity because I was often ridiculed and bullied at school by my classmates and sometimes even by teachers. I started to hide behind being a good student and giving great performance in sports. Later, while I tried to fit in and searched deeper connection and acceptance, I finally succumbed to peer pressure.

Like most sensitive and vulnerable adolescents do, I gave in to the glamor of nightlife, but also had to face the side effects of its unhealthy lifestyle. Still I did not feel whole in my heart and always had a sense that many parts of myself were lost. At many workplaces, I struggled with being taken advantage of by my open heart, friendliness and helpfulness.

A feeling of crisis and desperation hit the climax, when a series of death occurred in my family in 2005. Within only seven months, I lost my father, two grandparents and almost my brother. Since then my lifewas never the same again and I tried to suppress my pain even more by becoming a workaholic. I started a career in Human Resources and increasingly disconnected from my own feelings of loss and pain.

In the following years, my inner life became more chaotic, since I was not in my own element nor connected to the purpose I am to serve. I was still searching and gripped by massive depression, I even considered suicide. Around Christmas 2007 I started to pray desperately for help and guidance, something I haven’t done for years before. Only 10 weeks later, by the grace of divine guidance and by the loving support from my mother, I found myself on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Briefly after I arrived, I quit smoking and drinking alcohol, to be followed by my first huge spiritual awakening in April 2008. It happened through a mystical healing, where I got transformed in an incredible way. I was told that I will also be able to facilitate the same and even much more for others when the time and myself are ready. I describe this experience in the book “Inspired by the Passion Test”.

This profound experience was then followed by a series of divine synchronicities, which opened my eyes and heart even more. I got a glimpse of paradise within myself that I was always looking for outside. I travelled through various Hawaiian Islands and finally made it to Kaua’i, which became the ultimate place for my spiritual rebirth.

There I strongly felt I found many pieces of myself I was always looking for. As I was able to share this experience with a very loving and spiritual community, my biggest wish was to return to this island as soon as possible. Kaua’i was the place where I discovered that there are other magical realms which are not based on dominance, aggressiveness and material possession.

I started to dive into learning various energy healing modalities. The first thing I did on this path was becoming a Reiki Master, followed by more than 10 other healing techniques I felt a deep resonance with. When I was working in Switzerland in a corporate world, I always felt out of place, as people at work never understood my caring heart. So I had to wear a mask and played roles, hiding my vulnerability, deep compassion and love which are part of my true soul aspects.

Beside studying energy healing, meditation, and yoga, I started to read and watch many spiritual and transformational books and movies. After returning to Switzerland in a completely different state than I left, between 2008 and 2010, I received an extensive training in various forms of life coaching and hypnosis, and furthermore I attended many transformational seminars and workshops to explore these new areas.

In 2010, my life broke down again in a very traumatic way. I went through a Burn-Out and felt severe self-judgment how I could let myself go down like this after having experienced such profound spiritual awakenings before. After connecting with the light and the paradise within, I had to face my own shadow aspects as well as all the unhealed traumas from my past and I experienced a lot of intense pain. And again, my best friends and healers throughout this challenging time were several animals.

It was actually a dog, who taught me how to heal my heart, how to work and communicate with animal spirits and how to gain back self-love and self-acceptance. After an odyssey through the social security, medical and legal systems, I finally got my strength back and decided to build up my own health-company with a holistic, all-embracing and interdivisional approach. I began to offer services in life coaching (with focus on mental and emotional aspects) and combined it with energy healing and techniques for awareness and mindfullness.

After a very intense year of healing, I finally was able to make it back to Kaua’i where I always wanted to return since I left 2.5 years before. I went back to study Presence Centered Awareness Therapy where in addition to learning new techniques and tools to serve my clients, I also learned how to combine and integrate everything I studied before. As soon as I was back on this gorgeous garden island, much more transformation and initiation followed. I learned how to heal and transform myself, it was needed at that time.

I also remembered my visions I received when I came to the island for the first time in 2008. Since then I “knew” that I needed to be back on Kaua’i by the end of October 2011. In 2011, I studied and lived there for a total of 8 months and also traveled for another month over all the other Hawaiian Islands. On Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu and Kaua’i, I visited many ancient sites and powerful vortexes.

I again deepened and remembered my connection with past lives on Hawaii, the animals and the Hawaiian ancestors, learning from them that ancient wisdom and knowledge extracted from the ancient ways not only nurtures myself but all of humanity and that they can navigate everyone who is open to it back to their spiritual connection.

The journey through the Hawaiian Islands was a journey to find myself and I started to feel much more connected and complete. Finally, I realized my ability to feel intensely is actually a blessing in disguise and that here, I could fully express myself rather than hiding. I started to provide sessions to many people and those who received my intuitive energy healing work told me amazing stories about what they experienced.

2011 was the most powerful transformational year of my life until that point of my life as I was living most of the time in the environment which strongly supported me to go on to the next levels of spiritual transformation, awakening and liberation. In the same year, after I returned for a retreat to Kaua’i, I also got together with my future wife Eunjung Choi. Through her, my world opened to another new level containing multidimensionality and connecting to various magical and hidden realms.

I provide transformational healing services, motivated by my firsthand experience of going through ultimate depression and agony and my ability to climb out of such a state and choose to re-experience the joy and love within my heart. I recognized that whatever had occurred in my life happened because of my own choices at a soul level, whether or not I was consciously aware of it at those times.

I offer to the world the transmission of the gentle and pure love of my heart. Animals respond warmly to my energy and in my presence, people open up and share their vulnerabilities because they feel safe and being accepted as they are and wherever they are at. I feel committed to share that we can always make a different choice and start a new path. I know that it’s possible because I have done it myself.

Since 2012, my life changed again dramatically, but in a very positive, inspiring and empowering way. I was now ready to share my gifts with the world. Since 2012, I travel together with Eunjung and others to sacred sites all around the world (we traveled to 35 countries so far), write about these journeys, organize and facilitate events and energy healing or life coaching sessions for people, animals and the earth.

My greatest gift I offer is to empower others to follow the path of their heart. The reason why I feel I can facilitate transformation is that I went through the emotional roller-coaster myself and now I know that I could transform these intense experiences into a flower bed for the blossoming of my expanded consciousness.

Through my gifts and the various services I offer, I inspire and facilitate a deeper awareness and appreciation for our relationship with the spiritual realms and the natural world. With this expanded consciousness, we can receive continuous, loving guidance from the various manifestations and expressions of life, both visible and non-visible.

In a loving, caring and calm way and with clarity, I help others to come out of despair, pain, depression and sadness and then to transform them into empowerment, balance, harmony, achievement, happiness and awakening. I support my clients with the process of activating their own gifts and therefore to joyfully creating their lives to their fullest potential.

Another strength of mine is that I have a strong ability to sense and feel other people’s energetic fields and energies of my environment. Before, I thought that this was somehow a stumbling block, something that holds me back in my life, because I often got overwhelmed by the amount of feelings I was experiencing and didn’t know how to balance them properly. But through my journey, I learned how to use them most effectively to support others.

Therefore, I can help and show others that it is totally OK to give themselves permission to feel and that instead of suppressing or avoiding it, they can truly and safely transform pain and grief and become whole again. Once we reach this space, we all can experience authentic joy and happiness.