Yves Nager is author of the upcoming book “Find your life purpose – 7 questions and 12 steps to fulfill your destiny“, a co-author of the Amazon best seller “Inspired by the Passion Test” and a contributor of a chapter in the book “Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human” by Kiara Windrider.

Yves is passionate about supporting people in transcending limitations into new possibilities and transforming challenges into freedom. Having overcome many life challenges himself, he truly understands the power of forgiveness and gratitude and our ability to keep focusing on the heart’s desires and intention and creating miracles. Yves is dedicated to helping people discover their unique gifts and live a purposeful life with even more clarity, vitality, joy, love and abundance.

Yves, a Swiss native, grew up in a picturesque town of Spiez, Switzerland. After a decade of a professional career in the fields of human resources, consultancy, social work and insurance, he had a miraculous healing experience during his first visit to Hawaii in 2008. This healing miracle redirected the course of his life by propelling him to embark on a powerful journey of transformation.

After his return from Hawaii in 2008, Yves delved into spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga and self-inquiry and studied energy work. After realizing his life purpose was to be in service to the evolution of humanity and the planet, he was guided to augment his offerings by studying life coaching at the holistic institute “Living Sense” in Switzerland. Utilizing his background as a HR professional, he first focused on integral and business coaching and then continued with additional training and practice in the field of mental, emotional and spiritual coaching.

Through another divine guidance, Yves was back in Kaua’i Hawaii in 2011 to study Presence Centered Awareness Therapy at Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork located in the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. This awareness practice became a very important pillar of his work. Right after completing this course, Yves had a destiny encounter with his future wife Eunjung whom he married in South Korea in 2013. A detailed, inspiring story of how they met is found here.

While serving others through sessions and workshops together with his partner Eunjung, Yves continued to pursue teachings and trainings to strengthen his ability how to best serve others on their transformational paths. This passion led him to becoming a global ambassador and lead trainer of the Discover the Gift program, a certified facilitator for Passion Test and Passion Test for Business, as well as a Yoga Nidra teacher.

In April 2012 Yves, together with Eunjung, set off for a worldwide travel that led them to sacred power sites in 35 countries within 5 years with a mission to assist with the global shift in consciousness. Throughout their travel, Yves and Eunjung offered more than 150 workshops, webinars, sacred journeys in addition to working with individuals. During this time, they also learned wisdom from indigenous wisdom keepers, shamans, priestesses, monks and healers of various ancient traditions and incorporated in their teachings.

Now having settled in Kaua’i, Hawaii with his wife Eunjung since 2017, Yves offers his services in healing and life coaching to individuals and groups from his favorite island on earth. For his healing work, he integrates energy work, hypnosis, elements of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra as well as the unique Presence Centered Awareness therapy. He is also passionate about taking care of animal friends and can lend his healing gifts to your beloved pets as part of his healing offerings.

For his coaching and mentoring offerings, he utilizes tools and techniques he learned from his formal training in life coaching, Passion Test and Passion Test for Business as well as other transformation-based programs, insights and wisdom he gained through his spiritual practices as well as experiences from working with his clients.

His offerings are unique in that he understands both the business world and spiritual aspects due to his background in the corporate environment and his dedication to spiritual practices. By helping you develop deeper awareness and appreciation for your core values and passions as well as spiritual nature, Yves can empower you to follow the path of the heart.

Yves strives to continue his own learning and practice to provide his clients with maximum value and be the best guide possible to a life of purpose, joy and abundance. Through his keen awareness of energy field and sensitivity to human emotions, he learned to hold space in a way that people feel safe, loved and nurtured. Those who experienced Yves’ sessions or workshops reported deep healing and transformation. You can find glowing testimonials about his work here.

Are you ready to clear the barriers to your own greatness and follow your heart and live a life of your dreams aligned with your true calling? Yves is here to guide you on what will be the most meaningful adventure of your life – discovery of your gifts and passions and living your highest destiny. If you say yes to this invitation, please send Yves an email or call him to find out how he can best serve you on this journey of transformation.