Unsung Goddess Radio Broadcast (December 18th, 2013)

Link to the recording: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-unsung-goddess/2013/12/19/the-unsung-goddess-presents-international-peace-ambassadors-eunjung-and-yves

As a gifted intuitive and clairvoyant and a conscious channel of higher dimensional energies, Eunjung has been assisting people in the past decade to awaken to their multi-dimensional realities and enable them to reclaim their creative power through individual sessions, workshops and sacred journeys. She is passionate about helping people clear limiting beliefs and obstructing energies, transform challenges into opportunities and blessings and ultimately make conscious choices to live the most joyful, loving, abundant and exhilarating life available to them.

As a transformational guide Yves Nager is passionate about supporting people to transcend limitations into new possibilities and transform challenges into freedom. He embarked on his own transformative journey in being of a greater service to others, animals and himself after losing people he loved, most shortly one after another, and almost losing himself to despair and depression. His focus with life coaching is mainly inner child work and trauma therapy. Yves also integrates hypnosis, energy- and sound healing as well as a special presence centered awareness therapy he studied in Kaua’i into his sessions and workshops. This unique combination is the essential element in supporting others to activate gifts and create a happy and healthy life.

Join us as we discuss the deeply beautiful Sacred Healing Journey’s they have embarked upon as they dive ever so deeper into their life purpose of helping to raise the vibration of this planet and assist us in our “Awakening”.