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“51 % of workers worldwide said they would sacrifice status and pay to have more meaningful work.” (The Kelley Global Workforce Index)

“If you look through the right lens, every organization has the potential for world-changing impact. The role of a leader is to foster passion around that impact and to keep that passion alive by reinforcing it every day.” (Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat)

“Every individual has a unique purpose and unique passions. When individual purpose and passion is aligned with corporate purpose and passion, magic happens. Employees are engaged, productivity soars and profitability is maximized.“ (Chris Attwood, The Passion Test for Business)

Have you ever woke up in the morning and do not want to go to work? What do you think is the reason that only 30 % are really passionate about what they do? Sadly this means that 70 % of the people you are in contact with do not like their jobs and are working like behind bars in an economic jail. Many people do not know what their passions are. As business owners its important to have absolute clarity how your staff helps you live out your passions. Can you imagine the impact on an organization’s bottom line if more people were passionate about their work?

The Passion Test for Business has been on a roll since 2009 with great enthusiasm and results. NY Times bestselling authors of “The Passion Test”, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood have created a training program called the Passion Test for Business. In 2015 & 2016 I was specifically trained to work with businesses and organizations who want to engage their employees, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and align their employees with the core passions of the organization. I am proud to be one of over 100 Passion Test for Business consultants trained to deliver this amazing program. Learn more here:

It’s all about creating alignment between companies and employees

Through a powerful and yet simply process, we create alignment between the things that matter most to your company and those that matter most to your employees. It’s about creating clarity about the company’s unique contribution and core values. Studies have clearly demonstrated the critical business case for increasing the level of passion in business. Some of the reasons why creating alignment between employee work passions and a company’s mission is so important include:

  • Actively disengaged employees cost their companies about $16,000, whereas engaged employees create at least $32,000 per year in additional revenue for their company. 
  • The two main key factors influencing job-choice are “personal fulfillment” (38 % globally) and “personal growth advancement” (29 % globally). 
  • Providing meaningful work to retain the best talents is critical, since there are not enough talent to take their place. Generation Y are passionate about the work they do. It has to be meaningful for them to fully invest their energy in an organization. 
  • Engaged employees have a positive effect on customer engagement. They are more likely to find creative ways to solve problems and suggest ways to improve business processes. They have a stronger tendency to create a friendly, more inviting work environment. 
  • It is agreed that intrinsic motivation or passion (like pride, purpose, meaningfulness, contribution, and making a difference) is one of the greatest differentiators of people and businesses that have created sustainable success over time.

How does this system work?

The Passion Test for Business is an entire system, and there are 3 phases to this system. The first phase is about you, the owner of a company, an organization, or leader of a management team. We get together and go through an incredible process so that you can discover why you started the business in the first place, or why you became part of such a team. The first thing we do is helping you figure out your unique contribution. What are you really about as a company? Phase 1 is helping you come up with a unique contribution and company passions, which are really your values.

In Phase 2, you communicate your unique contribution and your company values to everybody you work with. Employees, clients, vendors, and everyone else around your staff. Your employees get to discover what is most important to them. There is an effective process to look at who is engaged and who is disengaged. What does it look like? And what can you do to increase engagement of your employees, and ultimately of everyone else who is part of your business? It’s clearly communicated, and there is an alignment that occurs between you, your employees and everybody you work with.

Phase 3 is about what you do with this information. It’s nice to feel good and to have this great information, but if it doesn’t affect you bottom line, why are you going to invest your time, energy and effort into doing it? The whole purpose of this process is to create a culture where you can see people thrive. Once you created a culture, you now take actions. You create a system and take absolute actions on every single thing that was your unique contribution, and your company values or passions. It’s a clear road map, it’s clear action, and you find out who is going to do what, immediately fast.

What outcomes and benefits you can expect from implementing this program in your business?

  • Greater commitment – Posner and Schmidt published research in the Journal of Business Ethics that that when employees clarify their own values, their commitment to their company increases substantially. 
  • Openness to new ideas and innovations in change management – When employees realize that the company cares about what is important to them, they become more open to supporting change that is important to the company. 
  • Positive response from ideas and suggestions from coworkers – As employees gain greater clarity about their own passions, they gain greater confidence and are less threatened by diversity. The result is an openness and respect or ideas from others, including people that are in different career life cycles and come from different backgrounds.  
  • A stronger tendency to create a friendly, more productive work environment – Clarity about one’s passions motivates your employees to be more fully engaged and develops leaders that lead at a higher level. 
  • Increased ability to positively affect customers – When employees are happy, engaged and internally motivated, their interaction with customers and co-workers naturally reflects these qualities.

What is my personal contribution?

For too long I used to be one of those not satisfied with their job. I was unhappy and I felt like a robot, just working to pay my bills. So I started looking for new ways how I can help others and myself. I became the HR department head of a big Swiss company and later on, I served as a business consultant.

I know exactly how lack of engagement not only costs a company way too much money, but also negatively impacts the lives of customers and employees. That’s why I became passionate about empowering companies to rediscover their purpose and mission, and I can be your guide to clearly define and express your unique value. I know how difficult and yet how absolutely necessary it is to cultivate a workplace full of passion and drive, and that this should be an everyday priority in all companies.

I have taken other business coaching and consulting programs before. I applied many tools and techniques which effectively supported businesses and entrepreneurs to set and reach their goals and master how to clearly communicate to their employees. However the Passion Test for Business training was the first course that not only put the essence of business consulting together in a very clear process, but also supports my clients very effectively from the very beginning until the end. It is like project management based on the principles of passion and engagement.

I highly recommend to take the Passion Test for Business with me for anyone who is inspired and passionate about implementing a powerful process based on passion and engagement. The process is very simple and clearly structured and covers many important aspects of business including top business passions, a 10 years vision, a cultural action plan, and much more. I truly believe that together we can make an important contribution to turn the negative engagement statistics around and create a thriving business environment where everybody wins.

“There is nothing more important than getting clear on what gives you the why in what you want to pursue in your business. This program takes a step deeper and further than just knowing your why. It aligns and enhances my thought patterns, values, beliefs and experiences of how I can strategically and purposefully drive my business to a whole new level. It enables me to be clear of the bigger picture of what I am pursuing and help me craft my own language that I can use to communicate influentially to my target audience and partners. In fact, after defining my markers, I was so convinced that they are going to be the backbone of my upcoming book. If you are looking to elevate your business to the next level, to change the game or to expand your value and impact of what you can bring to the table, this program is definitely a MUST-HAVE.” (Testimonial of a Passion Test for Business Client)

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