Global Peace Meditation

In light of recent escalating military tensions, political and social conflicts in the world we observed in media and also our emotional unrest because of what we have perceived, Eunjung and I decided to offer a global peace meditation online again this Saturday October 15. It will be approximately for an hour.

We know that there are wonderful events and miracles continuously happening too in this world and whatever no longer serves our highest evolution perhaps comes up to the surface to be released and cleansed through what we perceive individually and collectively as these negative events.

However it is easy to get blind-sided and slip into helplessness, anxiety or even anger by bombardment of negativity, violence etc. thrown at us. So we believe it is important to come together and truly focus on what we’d like to see and create in the world and each one of us is a vital part of this collective evolution.

This meditation is about visioning together that the entire planet is infused with frequencies of peace, love and harmony. This is just one of many ways how we can help with shifting and raising the vibrations of the planet.

If you have time, and would like to connect with others in this collective effort of visioning peace and shifting the current volatile energy and conflicts to peace, harmony and love, please share this and join us. Thank you! Link to join:

Our meditation will be live-streamed on October 15 at 11:00 am PST, 12:00 noon MST, 2:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm CET. You can also rewatch it using the same Youtube link afterwards. Thank you very much.

“The desire for world peace, however, has not been fulfilled, and the reason for that is simple: despite how attractive it may seem to those who want it and the efforts of some powerful and spiritually minded inviduals who are deeply committed to achieving it, at present there is too much resistance to its happening. Until there is a significant shift at a collective level and the sum of the force of our desire for world peace and our willingness to invest significant energy to realize it becomes greater than the resistance among those who do not want it to happen, it cannot materialize.” (from “The Four Desires”, written by Rod Stryker).


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