Hypnotherapy / Reincarnation

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What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis is defined as a state of consciousness, where the logic-analytic aspects of the mind are being reduced and the deeper levels of the sub-conscious are getting activated. Hypnosis is communication and interaction between the therapist and client, it is a series of guidance and suggestions. Shifts happen through the power of suggestion. In a hypnotic state, you can change unwanted behavior easily and effortlessly. During a session you relax deeply into an opening of your sub-conscious mind, where all of your memories and habits are stored.

What happens?
A hypnosis session is very relaxing for clients who usually feel a lot of stress or pressure.  In hypnosis, you are not asleep, instead you are in an altered state of awareness which is not awake, not asleep and not dreaming. You go in and out of a hypnotic state every day whenever you focus on something such as reading a book, working, driving a car, watching a movie etc. To dive into trance is similar to the feeling you have briefly before you fall asleep. Some clients compare it with meditation, others with the relaxed feeling after a massage. Everyone experiences trance states in a unique way. In this space, some people experience and shift energies from what many refer to as “past life”.

What is it not?
As your consciousness stays alert, you are always in control – and not the hypnotherapist. The role of a hypnotherapist is to assist your healing journey and being the guide of your own journey. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do while you are in a hypnotic state. No one can be forced through by hypnotic suggestions to do anything which is opposite to your belief system, you would instantly come out of your trance state. You always will be able to use to think and using all of your senses, like speaking, hearing, sensing, feeling and tasting.

How did it come into my life?
As a teenager, I was focused on doing competitive sports. This is when I got in touch with guided meditation CDs for the first time. Through “programming” my experience before the event I achieved much better results. Later in my life, I met life coaches and therapists using hypnotic and reincarnation based tools. Deep transformation and healing happened in a much easier and relaxed way than imagined before. At that point I got truly inspired to study it on my own for providing it to my own clients and to allow them to have same experiences and even more.

What are the benefits? What can you receive?
You can experience deep transformation and healing related to many situations. The following list (in alphabetical order) is giving you an overview about what is possible although it is not a comprehensive list. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact and to talk to me.

Behavior problems
•    Alcoholism and drug abuse
•    Excessive eating – to reduce the impulses
•    Habits
•    Quit Smoking – give up addiction
•    Tics

Hypno Anesthesia
•    Contraction when giving birth
•    Dentistry – Handling of phobia
•    Hypnosis and surgery
•    Painless operation
•    Pre-surgical fears

Hypnosis for children
•    Anxiety and tenseness
•    Bedwetting
•    Behavioral disorders
•    Learning support
•    Pain control in hospitals
•    School phobia

Improved performance
•    Creative force improvement
•    Improvement of learning aptitude
•    Lack of self-confidence
•    Memory issues
•    Performance in business
•    Performance in sports
•    Success and abundance

Medical situations
•    Asthma – Prevention through imagination
•    Back problems – relief of pain
•    Burn out syndrome – increase of life force / energy
•    Cancer – subsidiary treatment
•    Eczema – Stress reduction and relief of itchiness
•    Headache / migraine – biofeedback
•    High blood pressure – release of artery pressure
•    Insomnia – balance sleep habits
•    Immune system – strengthening  of life force
•    Irritable colon – breakthrough of circle of fear
•    Pain relief – perception
•    Stress reduction – deep relaxation
•    Weight loss – subsidiary support

Psychic issues
•    Anxiety / Phobia – release fears
•    Audition / public speaking – regain confidence
•    Depression / confusion – receiving confidence
•    Fear of flying – tranquilization and feeling of safety
•    Forgiveness /  gratitude – spiritual consciousness
•    Procrastination – focusing and taking action
•    Post-traumatic stress / grief– healing fears / gaining love
•    Relationship issues – discover your own role and contribution
•    Reincarnation / past life regression – integrating time lines
•    Self-confidence / insecurity – enhancement of self-assurance
•    Self-esteem / self-worth – discover your gifts
•    Sexual abuse – healing through regression
•    Sexual dysfunction – re-establish libido
•    Shame / Shyness – transform the core issue
•    Suppressed trauma – healing through regression

Why should you come to me? What are my unique gifts for clients?
During the time period when I was a client to many doctors and therapists myself, I perceived many of them as not being fully present with me. In many cases, the setting did not feel appropriate as the rooms where the sessions took place did not provide me with a comfortable feeling. It was a blessing in disguise. As I learned about the importance of a safe, calm and relaxing environment, I am providing for you in my sessions. I also know about the importance of how to use my voice. Many clients report my soft voice truly supports them to go very deep and to feel guided safely.