Energetic / Spiritual Healing

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What is energetic / spiritual healing? As we pursue our dreams and passions, taking care of our health and making our well-being a priority is very important. Through many years of study and experiences gained working with others, I am convinced that all diseases are, at their core, caused by a misalignment of energies. Many factors can cause misalignment including negative thought patterns from self or others, fear, unhealed relationships, etc. The wisdom keepers and healers from ancient traditions knew about the life force (called for example “Prana” or “Mana”), which fills our body through different energy centers (“Chakras”). This energy centers as well as all of our cells, organs and muscles can store blocked energy, whether emotional, mental or physical, from the past and present miss-alignments, which finally manifest as illness and disease in your body. How does it work? Energetic healing directly accesses the life force and brings into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for the necessary transformation to occur in many levels. This healing energy also positively affects your cellular memory and supports release of the blocked energy and brings your systems back into alignment.  This creates circumstances in which self-healing and miracles take place.  

What are all the healing modalities I studied and can provide?

I took courses in the following 14 energy and spiritual healing modalities (in alphabetical order). If you are interested in learning more about these modalities, I invite you to check respective homepages referenced below.

Each modality offers specific wisdom and techniques. I finally came to the point that the core of every modality is very similar. Differences lie in historic backgrounds, focuses, intents or belief-systems.  In my sessions, I integrate these techniques and tools that I learned from these modalities and infuse them with my own intuitive skills and life force energy channeled through me. Something my partner Eunjung and I have done since the beginning of 2012 was travelling around the world (we have been to 35 countries so far). We visited many sacred sites and met many indigenous wisdom keepers who shared their wisdom and love with us. Besides these elders, I would say animals and natural elements have served as great, influential teachers throughout my journey. How do I facilitate? And what is my intent? My intention for offering healing sessions is to help people I work with realize self-love, balance and harmony and whatever their intention in their lives. I see myself as a conduit for facilitating the healing process and opening my clients to their self-healing abilities. I see myself as a conduit for facilitating the healing process and opening my clients to their self-healing abilities. My healing work takes place beyond time and space as healing transcends all boundaries. What are the benefits? What can you receive? To have the optimum health means is that the physical body, mind (conscious and subconscious), and psyche (various energy fields, different aspects of our soul and heart space) are all working together harmoniously in alignment and balance. I believe, for transformational healing to occur, both the healing facilitator and the individuals who receive a healing session need to believe healing miracles are indeed possible. Further, to maintain this new vibration of balance, harmony and well-being, one needs to be willing to change and take responsibility as an authority in their lives. Healing Sessions are available for physical, mental, emotional or psycho-spiritual issues.  Booking online or in-person session with me  If you are interested in booking a session, please send an email to yves.nager@gmail.com. The rates are as follows:

  • 30 minutes – $100
  • 1 hour – $200
  • 90 minutes – $300
  • 2 hours – $380
  • 5 hours (5 * 1 hour session) – $750
  • 10 hours (10 * 1 hour session) – $1400