Presence Centered Awareness Therapy

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What is it?
Presence Centered Awareness Therapy supports living with more awareness and consciously, in and from this presence. There is a “ground substance” to our being that is already of peace and joy: a relaxed consciousness of love and health.  It is a therapy form drawn from many traditions. It includes practical applications of meditative awareness practices from Vipassana and Advaita understandings, and psychological approaches including Hakomi Therapy, Psycho Synthesis, Gestalt Therapy and various communication models.


How does it work?
These practical applications are all applied in an experiential blend of deepening awareness, presence-full touch, and therapeutic heart-full communication in an atmosphere of safe and relaxed presence. It is an approach to daily living, and a therapeutic approach to personal healing and growth. It provides a safe and effective style of work that supports healing old wounds, forgiveness and acceptance, coming out of unhealthy patterns and habits, and exploring higher levels of wellness and creativity.

What are the benefits? What can you receive?
What are the stories you tell yourself, that you believe in and take as your life? Who or what is it that is always here? Before, during and after each of these stories shows up, change, and pass? Through this effective and holistic therapy form,  you truly start to feel a deep connection and oneness with yourself and others. With clearer feeling and seeing, what is not essential can be let go of with more ease and grace. Beauty and presence of being is then naturally experienced. Life shows up more as gratitude and celebration in all experiences.

Where did I study it?
I studied this therapy form on the mystical island of Kaua’i (Hawaiian Islands) at Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork ( During my study time for half a year, I not only gained new techniques and tools to serve my clients, I also learned how to combine and integrate everything else I studied before in one session with a holistic approach. The primary interests of the director, Lee Joseph, are the immediate experience of presence and love, and helping others to experience their own truth to live happier lives.

How did it change my life?
It was the ultimate experience and place of rebirth for me during that time. The year before, I was a client to many doctors and I perceived many of them as not being fully present with me. In many cases, the setting did not feel appropriate as the rooms where the sessions took place did not provide me with a comfortable feeling. Deep in my heart, I always felt that there must be a better solution and after my first week at this school, I knew this was exactly what I searched for a long time. Many times I was told that I have “unrealistic” visions, therefore to study here was truly a revelation and confirmation that it is possible.

Why should you come to me? What are my unique gifts for clients?
When you come to me as a client, I can guide you through your own journey with presence, patience, empathy and in a very heart-centered way. I see you already whole and healthy and I can assist with your remembrance of  the love you hold within you. You can expect a setting where you feel safe and supported in your journey of healing and transformation and you can let go.