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Animal Healing / Animal Care Taking

What is it?
Animal healing uses alternative health therapies to bring animals back to wholeness and health. It clears and heals emotional blockages throughout their body and results in release of fear, trauma and stress. It also enables physical healings of an operation or an injury. These healing therapies are based on the same energy or spiritual healing techniques I facilitate for people. I use a variety of non-invasive and non-intrusive forms of energy work, and I have the gift to heal in an effective and transformative way, both directly or with distant healing.

How does it work?
Since animals are very open to energy transmissions, they respond very well to many healing modalities. Animals often mirror and reflect emotional distress and mental blockages experienced by their human companions. They display a physical illness as a result of this distress or blockages they take on. Animals are more sensitive to energy than most people, therefore they feel the energy work I offer really fast.  In this way, I can take care of these loving animal beings with their transformative and healing potential within.

How do I facilitate?
Usually I start exchanging energies with them at a short distance. In most cases, already at that point, I receive information in which way they would like to be approached and touched.  While this energetic information sharing occurs, some come close to me and then move away several times (which shows the way they feel and respond to energies) while others lie close to me immediately and stay there. It’s not unusual that they also expose their belly areas. After we are connected, they show me which areas they would like to have treated, weather in direct contact or also by working in their energy field. At the final stage, they become very relaxed (some even fall briefly asleep) and express their gratitude.

How did it come in my life?
For more than a year I was working as an animal care taker in Switzerland. Later, I worked as a volunteer at the Humane Society on Kauai. During those times, I was mainly taking care of cats and dogs.  I started to realize that mostly sick and sad animals came to me first before the healthy ones and that after I touched them for a while, wonderful transformation happened both in their behavior and health. It was just the beginning of my journey with these wonderful furry friends. Nowadays almost everywhere I go, I witness amazing interactions, transformation and healings related to animals.

What are animal spirit helpers?
We all hold a deep connection with our ancestors as well as with animals and nature spirits. It’s only a matter of how strongly we remember. To me, a totem mainly represents an animal spirit helper. Animals have a sacred medicine that guides, heals and awakens people on their journey. When I returned to Lanai on a ferry, I had a mystical spiritual experience where I was told that I am a secret totem keeper. I am also carrier of a spirit medicine bag, which supports me in another way still to work with the powerful energies of my animal spirit guides.

Animal Communication

What is animal communication?
In order to communicate with animals, it is important for us to recognize their spiritual essence and equality.  Animals are indeed able to communicate with us when we open ourselves to the telepathic connection through visual images, thoughts, words, feelings, sounds, emotions or sensations. We usually unlearn our natural gifts of equal and mutual communication. Animal communication occurs when we clear our mind of thoughts and other concerns to create a space for the animals to be heard. We then encourage them to share whatever they wish to make known to us.

What is telepathic communication?
Telepathic reception is a connection through both the mind (thoughts) and the heart (feelings). As children we are born with the ability to communicate telepathically. While we grow up, that ability usually decreases, but not our potential to still receive telepathic communication from animals. Animals obviously communicate through physical action and their own complex languages. They also communicate telepathically, both among one another and with humans. We receive the messages to the degree we can tune in or are perceptive to them.

How does it work?
By acknowledging the perceptions that we receive, we start to feel the nature or sensation of true telepathic reception within us. We then sense the difference between what the animals truly communicate to us and our own interpretations. Animals validate true reception and show by their positive response that we have indeed understood them.  As we continue to open, feel, and receive more through our hearts, we get more of the full range of telepathic communication including the feelings, emotions and physical sensations of the animals.

How did it come into my life?
From the very beginning of my life, animals always played a very important part in my growth and expansion. They were always there for me and fully present when I had difficult times. Whenever I felt sad, they blessed me with their unconditional love and compassion. Over many years, my reception opened to more and more clarity in order to receive what animals are sensing, feeling and thinking. It was a process of less and less artificial separation and my communion flew into a state of oneness with the animals as well as a deep-felt understanding for all of life.

What are my unique gifts for animals and their human companions?
I mainly see my role in helping you to communicate yourself with your beloved animal and remember your own telepathic abilities. If you are interested in deepening your connection even more, I am very happy to assist you both. Usually clients ask me to heal a certain behavior or dis-ease for their animal. In many cases, it becomes clear that my clients need to shift themselves first. Then true transformation happens in an easy and fast way, as the animal finally can release what it took on from its human friend whom it loves unconditionally.

Inspiration: A Cat Sanctuary on Lanai (
I did a spiritual vision quest that guided me through all over the Hawaiian Islands. In less than 2 hours after my arrival on Lanai, through divine synchronicities I was guided to an extraordinary animal sanctuary. It is a spacious open air enclosure, including trees and grass areas. I call it the “cat’s heaven”, since there are almost 300 cats living in peace and harmony together with each other and nature. As this sanctuary is created in a simple but very effective way, I got truly inspired to create such a place on my spiritual home in Kauai as well as on many other places on the planet.