Sacred Journeys

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Feel free to contact me if you would like to be part in one of our next journeys:

We are currently planning several beautiful sacred journeys for 2015 and 2016 including Greece, Egypt and South France. If you’d like to be a part of amazing soul journeys with a dedicated group of heart-centered beings with intent on lifting the vibrations of the planet as well as advancing their own souls, please send us a message and include which particular regions are calling your heart. 

September 2015: Journey to the ancient Heart of Greece

December 2015: Mystical Journey of Inner Mastery & Cosmic Consciousness, Egypt


June 2016: Illuminated Rose Heart, South France

It will be a sacred journey of exploring the mysteries of Golden Rose, the teachings of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua and restoring Sacred Feminine. Details and new dates for 2016 will be shared soon.


How did it come into my life?
I started to shift and change in an intense way since my life circumstances brought me to Hawaii for almost half a year in 2008. 3 years later, I returned again and ended up staying for 7 more months on the garden island of Kauai. Through the support of powerful vortexes of the islands and the intense energies that were coming in from both heaven and earth, I experienced states of intense awakening and bliss which were beyond any imagination I had before. Everything culminated in a very magical vision quest which guided me to all the Hawaiian Islands. I am currently writing a book about this vision quest.

How did I deepen my connection?
Already as a child, I always felt very connected to nature (at that time mainly to forests) and to many animals, which always have been my best friends. As I look back, it was like planting a seed for what I experienced during the entire last year. In 2011, I strongly deepened my connection to mother earth, people, animals and the ancestors of the Hawaiian Islands.  In 2012, I was on a next journey which started from the southern part of California and continued all the way up to another powerful vortex in Mount Shasta. After I returned to Europe, I continued visiting sacred sites including Stonehenge and Glastonbury in England as well as Malta and Gozo, followed by Southern France, Greece, Ireland and Cyprus. Again, I started to remember more and gained wisdom and spiritual visions in a unique multidimensional way.

What do I like to share?
When we connect with the earth, its spirits and all the elements of nature, we remind ourselves what it means to be human, how we are united with rather than separated.  Throughout my journeys, I particularly like to share my gifts and energies with everyone on my way, with animal, mineral and plant kingdoms and also connect with the ancestral wisdom and remembrance.  I feel passionate about creating the field of the highest light as well by bringing in my specific gifts and as a witness of an ongoing growth and awakening in myself and others.

What are my intentions?
My intention is mainly to connect my journeys I have been on so far and to bring all I have integrated into oneness with all the journeys to follow. To further connect and to tune in to the sacred energies of this amazing planet and to see, feel, experience and share it with others. I love to share my gifts and to re-define my dreams in synergistic play with other co-creators to bring forth a new world. I would like to remind that beyond all illusions we are indeed one family of light, co-creating the new earth based on harmony, mutual respect, and love for each other.

Past Sacred Journeys (2012 – 2013):




Sacred Journey to Egypt (December 9th – 22nd, 2012)


















We would like to personally invite you to join in this spectacular and probably one of the most important journeys you will ever take in this lifetime or maybe in many of your life times! We will help open the 12 star gates by receiving and anchoring the emerging cosmic star essences & vibrations of the 12 star systems to deliver the 13th star, the Crown of the New Earth Star through the portal of the Great Central Sun, on the 13th day (Dec 21) inside the Great Pyramid. 

During this journey throughout numerous sacred sites, our crystalline DNA will be further activated within our spinal columns aligned to the 12 star constellation vibrations as we bring cosmic 12 star consciousness into one universal heart and truly be birthed as the Illuminated Cosmic New Human encoded with our solar, lunar, star and intergalactic codes. 

We’ll re-map cosmic consciousness into our DNA and weave the new grid for the next glorious era of the Golden New Earth Star. Cosmic rays of the Sunship and Moon blessings will radiate on 12/21 as we ascend while the cosmic serpent will be unleashed bringing profound shifts on the planet to elevate our awareness and capability in functioning as true multi-dimensional beings based upon the divine principles of love and light. 

Besides visiting and soaking in the magnificent ancient Egyptian Mysteries, there will be channeling, activations, divine messages, initiations, sacred ceremonies, healing rituals, dance & more! We will travel as a small group (only about 15 persons) of high-resonance and vibration dedicated to personal and global ascension. 

We will be guided by the over-arching divine presence of Hathor and Sun God Ra, other intergalactic star beings / councils (including Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Orion, Sirius and Venus) as well as Ascended Masters, a host of Archangels and inner-earth masters throughout our journey. We will also connect and weave with other activations, ceremonies and celebrations around the world to truly co-create divine harmonics of the New Earth Star. 

We will bring with us special crystals and custom flower/gem essences to support our journey. Throughout the journey, when possible and appropriate, Yves will provide an amazing array of healing/transformative music including healing sound transmission through crystal bowl(s). For this journey, each one of us carries very important codes to bring and a crucial role to play in this grand spiral journey of transformation. 

Also each explorer during this sacred quest will find what they are seeking at his/her soul level and experience so much transformation and discover numerous gifts. So besides the group activations, there will be time for each of you to go within and receive insights and wisdom at the sacred sites. So listen to your heart and see if you are one of the people who will help unlock (in person) the keys to the next era of the Golden Age. Of course, we also welcome everyone who feels aligned and resonate with the journey to connect us remotely and in spirit!