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What is it?
A retreat is a time to stop, relax and rest. You can receive new inspirations, empowerment and life force again which can be taken on to your next step of your grand journey called life. It is a time to return to your center, it’s about finding balance and centeredness and embracing wholeness. Many people run through their lives and the very last thing they might think about is a retreat. However, no one can go at full speed all the time since this will cause a burn out and affect a person’s health at multiple levels –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.



What are the benefits? What can you receive?
Sometimes we need to stop and become fully present with what is: with all aspects within and with all projections we perceive from all around us. It is an opportunity to step aside from the daily life and simply to BE in a peaceful, loving and inspiring setting. In a retreat, you gift yourself with quiet time and a beautiful place, and here you put everything aside what you are usually occupied with. Here, you can enter the garden of your own heart with clear vision and inner balance and plant new seeds so that your heart dreams can flower and be harvested.



What are offered during a retreat?
Depending on each person’s unique needs and circumstances, we offer themed, customized retreats, which support a process of integrating all aspects of self. One type of retreat focusing on inner balance and emotional healing could, for example, include individual sessions and energy work from myself, channeled messages and activations by my beloved Eunjung Choi as well as daily meditation and yoga practice. Depending on your requests, balanced, nourishing and healthy meals can also be provided.




Which special workshops do we provide?
Participants also can join in a special workshop designed specifically for a group or individuals. One example related to the aforementioned can be a retreat focusing on inner balance and emotional healing with a title such as “How to use the gift of emotions and become the master and creator of your reality“. Co-creating with elements of nature, beings of higher realms and the energies of the land where the retreat is held, we offer a nurturing environment for a group, for couples or for individuals.



Where do we offer it?
We can set up a retreat place in any part of the world that is safe, sacred and beautiful. Throughout our sacred journeys, we came to know a variety of beautiful locations where we can provide retreats. We know special places in Hawaii, California, Cyprus, England, Greece, Ireland, Malta / Gozo, Spain, Southern France, South Korea or Switzerland. Different regions have unique energies. Depending on the theme of a certain retreat, we will choose a perfect location that energetically best serves that specific theme. For example, the Hawaiian Islands with their unique, different levels of energetic and spiritual intensity would be one of the ideal locations for those who seek spiritual rebirth. If you have a special place in mind for your own personal retreat, we are here for you to accommodate any of your heart’s desires.


What is the duration of a retreat and how many people do join?
Retreats can be offered from 3 days up to 2 weeks depending on the theme of a retreat and what individuals would like to experience during a given retreat. Each day’s program can be customized on wishes, needs or requests of participants. For example, you can define which sacred sites you would like to visit or choose how many individual sessions you would like to have per day or throughout the whole retreat. The size of a retreat also varies and we offer retreats for both groups or individuals. Even during a group retreat, you can request and have a unique program developed just for your own needs. Group sizes can also vary depending on the time period, where the retreat is held and the requests we receive for a certain area.