DJ Solar Dragon

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What’s my background and intent?

I have been a DJ in Europe for 15 years and I also participated in a successful music project with 28 international releases.  I now choose to share my experience and musical gift in healthy and safe settings, where people can loosen up and come in contact with their heart and higher self and express such connection through dancing. Many young adults succumb to peer pressure and give in to the glamour of nightlife, where they usually also have to face the side effects of its unhealthy lifestyle. My intent is to bring my musical gifts to events or workshops which enable everyone to feel whole, peaceful, balanced and  in harmony.


What’s my contribution? 
The types of music I provide are progressive psychedelic trance or a mixture of ambient, chill-out, and music for sound healing from all over the world. The word “psychedelic” derives from the Greek words “psihi” (psyche, soul) plus “dilosi” (manifest). Accordingly, it means something like “soul-manifesting”. Both types of music I play expand your consciousness and help you reach deep meditative state of relaxation, clarity, and awareness since these types of music are produced based on specific frequencies designed to support such a process. My artist name is “Solar Dragon” and there are several mixes you can download for free from SoundCloud…….DOWNLOAD HERE!

Or Listen Now….

Here is a link to a interview I had on Collective Evolution RADIO on December 4th, 2013:

And here is the link to the interview of the month in the Collective Evolution MAGAZINE (check pages 35 – 37):

What others say? (Testimonials)

“Yves, your music is amazing and fantastic. I can’t believe your style, you rock! What an amazing talent hides underneath that humble Swiss man. Honestly, I think this is the best Psytrance I ever heard, and I heard a lot. I would love for you to play a Burning Man or even BEquinox in Joshua Tree. You are truly amazing. Never give up that good taste. I need copies of your sets. I will forward and play it to everybody I can. You found a true fan in me! If I ever will throw or produce a large party, you will be definitely in. You are great and I am listening to you (your sets) the second day in a row.” (Gregor R., Los Angeles / USA)

“I highly recommend DJ Solar Dragons’ (Yves) music to everyone who would like to experience this multi-dimensional, expanded state… The trick is to listen to his mixes at least 45 minutes… until something shifts in your consciousness… I finally got what he was talking about after attending his dance event several times… and last night was one of the most extraordinary and beautiful journeys I have taken so far… I was led into the ocean with dolphins, whales and mermaids in their light body and received gifts… flying on an amazing golden liquid fire-dragon… seeing my huge light body as a star being and traveling to outer space and being on a council with star family inside this amazing light ship… meeting my star mother… What’s special about this journey was everything was so vivid in amazingly clear colors… and like watching the most gorgeous movie in fast paced speed…” (Eunjung C., Denver / USA)

“Thank you for this wonderful and energetic dance floor night at the Celestine Summer Camp. After so many years, a vision came into manifestation to me: to dance in this wonderful pyramid room, including this initiated amazing sky of stars. Never before in my whole life, I felt so young and timeless in the same moment. And now you are gifting me additional bliss through your music … it resonates exactly with my wavelength and to my energy. I wish very much that you would visit again to share such high energy and invite us to live it out, in a pyramidal way, so to speak. I thank you with the twinkle of my eyes and the warmth of my heart!!!” (Wilfried W., Wangen im Allgäu / Germany)

“Hailing from Europe, DJ Solar Dragon (Yves Nager) is one of the smoothest of the smooth, soulful, talented DJ’s! If you have never heard him spin before, you do not want to miss this. His psychedelic, ambient chill grooves will guide you into a highly connected state of blissful movement, increasing in tempo to peak states of ecstatic dance as you drop into soulful-lusciousness…” (Queen Y., Denver / USA)

“Thank you very much for your link to Soundcloud, I am listening right now “Spiritainment 2013”. It’s very amazing, great tracks perfectly mixed. You were always a DJ who had the gift to match and mix tracks incredibly fast, and you have a feeling for good and enthralling sound! No wonder I still like what you release.” (Stefan D., Zurich / Switzerland)

“Wow what a magical evening last night! I met you at the end of the dance. I would love to be in touch and find out more about you. So magical! I couldn’t stop dancing and was totally satisfied by the dance.” (Katie M., Denver / USA)

“Your music is simply amazing. It carries one to a different space and has many beautiful levels and rhythms to enjoy dance. I didn’t not want the music to stop.” (Simona M., Boulder / USA)