A message and a ritual for Autumn Equinox 2015

Today we are celebrating Autumn Equinox 2015 and my partner Eunjung and I would like to share the following message and a short ritual for this special day with you. Eunjung pulled a card (it literally flew out of the deck) twice in a row for the last 2 days out of a card deck with 44 cards: Rising Sun – Divine Solar Child Reborn

We find its message appropriate and perfect for us, probably also for many of you and Gaia at this time. So I am sharing the message and the ritual today as a new article on this website. It also comes with a recording of a short meditation connected to this card (please find at the end of this article). The recordings (one in English and the other translated into German) also contain Eunjung’s language of light blessings. 

We hope this message and the ritual helps all of you move forward on our path with more ease and grace, especially during this time of massive shifts at all levels. This is a gift to you on this special Equinox day. As always you can also find this article translated in German language on this website here: http://yvesnager.com/?p=3552 


Message of the Rising Sun (Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

Rising Sun – Divine Solar Child Reborn

 “A dark phase and struggle is over. A new phase is upon you, one of hope, glory, light and triumph. It is won through boldness, persistence. Even when you felt like giving up, you chose to stay strong, to surrender to the Divine, and continue with the path. You have been through much and now, victory is upon you beloved, for the Divine Solar Child, a new consciousness within you, is born.

As we journey into the Ancient Feminine, there are many, many times when we meet her Dark Face. We must be patient, accepting, allowing. Often what we meet are the difficulties of birth, literal and symbolic. We might feel great emotional or physical pain, spiritually bereft, alone and yearning for deeper union, perhaps even wondering if what you seek could be a genuine experience, or if it is the stuff of daydreams and fantasies.

During times of despair and struggle, we come back to our hearts, searching for faith within, searching for signs to support us as we take the long journey down the spiritual birth canal, into Love in even greater expression.

It might take us weeks, months, or many, many years to birth ourselves over and over again into more of our Divine Essence. Some birthing processes that are deeply profound will feel as though they take most, if not all, of our life time on this planet. At another level, many lifetimes will constitute one birth process.

However, no matter how much we encounter the inner workings of the Divine Feminine, there are always moments of entering the light of birth into a new world, as a new being, into a reality transformed. These moments are precious and herald the beginning of a new level of divinity expressed, often in deeply create new ways. The Divine Solar Child being born brings new light into your life, likely to express itself in multiple forms.

Revived and new relationships, new inspiration and opportunities in your work and spiritual life, more love and enjoyment, new or more energized community, greater well-being and experience in your body, creative abilities that you didn’t even realize you had opening up effortlessly as you surrender to allow the body and creative faculty to flow – these are some of the gifts that are given to you by the Universe at the ‘cosmic baby shower’ for the birth of the Divine Solar Child!

The sweetness of the gifts of this new life make all that came before it so sacred and worthwhile. To honor and accept the past, and the courage it required of us, and yet to accept that it is now time to turn our face to the light and partake of the fruits of our inner labours is what this Oracle ordains.

Symbolized by the headdress of cow horns with a golden disc within, worn by Egyptian Goddesses, including Isis, and the symbolism of Isis nursing Her Divine Sun Child Horus at Her breast, the Oracle of the Rising Sun brings with it a new day, dawn, breakthrough, end of struggle and the genuine and stable birth of optimism and hope for you now.”


Ritual recording in English:


Ritual recording including German translation:


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