A GREAT Message

In the past few months I learned that one of the first thing many people (and yes I admit I do that sometimes too) do in the morning is checking their Emails or Social Media. Of course, we all want to “know” what the latest news in our world are, however I invite all of us to consider starting our days slightly different, and first get really clear of what we intend to create and experience ourselves as we go through our day. 

In our daily conversations with people, we often hear, “I am doing great”, or “I am not doing that great”, “Have a great day!”… I recently learned a great new tool which can actually help us feeling great, and I also would like to share it with you. Eunjung and I and the people we shared it with so far really like it because it is simple, it does not take a lot of time and really produces GREAT results. So I am extending an invitation to you to consider starting your day as follows. 

Ask yourself every morning the following 5 questions:

G: What I am grateful for (5 things)?

R: What is really important for me to focus on today (1 thing)?

E: What am I excited about today (3 things)?

A: What do I most appreciate about myself today? (1 – 3 things)

T: Today I will … (What concrete steps will I take today to feel great?)

And let me know how this shifts your focus every day! In the past few months I have shared with you my article about how you can discover your life purpose, and some of you are still receiving the remaining portions of it. So I thought this would be a good time to check in.

What have you learned and applied so far? Have you had any insights and “aha” moments? What has become clear or clearer to you or what kind of changes you experienced in your life since you started reading and practicing some of what I shared?

Please share your comments, questions, thoughts, concerns, stories or wins. I will respond to your Email and I can’t wait hear from you.

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